Sunday, 17 April 2011

#471 of Year 2 Sea Quest Nathan Bridger

Next week is SeaQuest week, but why start next week when I can start this week?  SeaQuest was the winner of the poll I posted on the forums, and I think there's one running for June there at the moment.  Anyways, today, I'll start off with the Captain from the line.

I picked all these up for cheap at under a dollar if I remember correctly, a few years back - eight out of the nine figures in the line.  The ninth is Lucas, which at that time went for quite a bit.  Hence, you'll notice the white round stickers on the bubbles with the lot numbers.

The card is rather standard with the logo up top and the ninja turtle-esque layout of the figure and the accessories inside the bubble.  The front of the card is interesting with a nice seascape behind the figure.  Instead of a title card though, there's a roundel with a photo of the live actor on the left side of the card with his name just below it in really small text.  It's similar in style to the Addams, but part of it is obstructed by the bubble.

This is playmates, so there's a whole bunch of accessories, but more on that later.  The figure is mostly black with nine points of articulation at hips, knees, shoulders, elbows and neck.  The paintwork is good, especially surprising since this is Playmates, but there isn't a lot of it.  The sculpt is okay, but a lot of the detail doesn't show up too well because of the black.  The face sculpt though, does look like the actor (RIP).

And the accessories?  Well, he comes with a base, a harpoon and a gun that shoots the harpoon, a communicator, a hand gun, a phone thingy and a black watchamacallit.  The base is nice, with the SeaQuest logo and Bridger's name on the top.  Underneath it, his rank stars are depicted.  There is a lot of detail on the other accessories, but they are mostly orange or black.  At least Playmates didn't make these magenta or cyan or a weird colour.  And the handgun's even painted, which is an oddity for Playmates.

Overall, this is a rather nice figure and he looks good.  I hope that means next week will be a good week ahead as I've got 7 more of these to go!


  1. Hello, could you please tell me if its Captain Bridgers head on the custom, 2nd from Left? Or some other Seaquest figure? thanks

  2. It's not Bridgers. It looks like a Trek head to me.


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