Friday, 22 April 2011

#476 of Year 2 Sea Quest Darwin

It's still Sea Quest week here on Toy a Day, and as I said, I don't have Mr. Jonathan Brandis aka Lucas as one of my figs, so I'll just have to move on.  Not every line has a fish as a figure, but since this is the Sea Quest line, and since the character does play an important part in the TV series, the dolphin known as Darwin got his own toy as well...

Darwin comes on the usual card, but because of his odd shape, he's packaged rather differently than usual.  He's on his side instead of facing the viewer, and his stand has gone from the accessories side of the bubble to the main bubble.

There's the usual ray-shaped starburst, but it doesn't refer to the action feature.  That is described on the back of the card instead.

The starburst refers to the Sea Quest DSV blueprint which is packaged underneath the bubble and taped to the card.  Now this is an interesting piece of paper, but a bit redundant with today's wireless technology.

Darwin could have been a one piece fish, but he's not.  Instead, this dolphin has three points of articulations on the flippers and the jaw.  The articulation points are not independent though, they are all interconnected together as part of his action feature.  Pressing the fins would cause Darwin to emit some rather realistic dolphic sounds.

That's a rather cool feature (and I hope the video embedding works).  The paintwork is excellent, but that's pobably due to the simplicity that is required.  Darwin comes with a two piece stand and a blue/yellow saddle/harness that wraps around him rather nicely.

Darwin is huge, when compared with the other animals that came with the crew in the same line.  By contrast, all those creatures look like baby versions when placed next to Darwin. 

I'm not sure if Darwin goes with the rest of the line.  Perhaps he does need Lucas to feel more complete, and that's a figure that I don't have.


  1. "..Faster than lightning, no one you see is smarter than he.." oops, sorry. Wrong dolphin.

  2. So long and thanks for all the fish?


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