Sunday, 24 April 2011

#478 of Year 2 Sea Quest Dr. Z

It's the final day of Sea Quest week, and I've pretty much opened almost the entire line in just about a week.  The only figure that I don't have is Lucas, and despite the awesomeness of the line so far, I doubt I'll get him to complete the collection.  Anyways, today is the turn of the other villian in the line to be opened - Dr. Z.

Everything is pretty much standard for the card and the bubble...

right down to the ray shaped star-burst and the bubble obstructing the figure's screencap on the card.

This figure has the least accessories, with a gun, a pickaxe, a stand and a coffin thing that has a cardboard lid.  The hybernation chamber is nothing to write home about, but the cardboard lid has a nice printed design.  The weapons are black and painted silver and looks rather nice - they aren't the typical orange or cyan, although that cyan plastic was used for Dr. Z's base.

The sculpt on the figure is nice, again, the details inthe jacket, pants and face are well sculpted and brout out... well, not by the paint, but by the choice of plastic.  Unlike The Regulator from yesterday, the shades of greys and tans used seem realistic.  There isn't a lot of paintwork, but whatever little there is looks good.  And he has the same amount of articulation as The Regulator.

I'm just amazed at this toyline, and the awesomeness that went into this 90s toyline.  It's a pity that it didn't continue into a second series with the females that were left out and the new characters that were brought in in season 2 of the show.  Still, this is a rather nice little line and can be had quite cheaply... well, they were cheap about 10 years ago when I bought them, and I'm gonna guess that hasn't changed since then.

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