Wednesday, 20 April 2011

#474 of Year 2 Sea Quest Manilow Crocker

Another day, another Sea Quest figure.  It is Sea Quest week after all, and today, we take a look at Chief Crocker.  I hope he's not gonna turn out as the first crock for the week, after the three above average figures in the line so far.

The chief comes on the standard Sea Quest card.  Yes, that's an ebay sticker with the lot number.  Back then, the numbers were simple 6 digit affairs.  These days, there are more digits on an ebay lot than on a credit card, but I digress.

The ray shaped star-burst sticker on the bubble highlights his firing gun.  The back of the card has the usual things, but one of the few things that the first season of Sea Quest sought to do was to increase awareness of the world's oceans and the creatures within.  This aspect is copied here as well, with an important fact about killer whales on the back of the card.

The chief has the usual nine points of articulation, an is mostly black, let the rest of his crewmates.  There is some paintwork on his uniform, and generally that is done relatively well.  His face sculpt is lifelike and the paint on his beard and eyes are well done.  Overall, the figure looks great.  He does have a gun holster of sorts on his leg, but I can't seem to get anything to fit in there, so I wonder what that is for.

The chief comes with the standard pistol and communicator, as well as the firing gun and missile, a pair of handcuffs and the killer whale.  The whale is made from a very rubbery plastic and has its belly painted white.  The paint though, isn't as good as it could be.  The handcuffs are articulated, and they seem quite nice, although due to their size, they might not be able to fit onto the wrists of the figures.

I have to say I think this figure is great, and the bonus is that he fits in with the rest of his crewmates.  One more crew figure to go for this line who has the black uniform, and that's it.  Then there are three other figures and one intelligent mammal.

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