Tuesday, 20 April 2010

#110 of 365 Millennium Fire Armor Skeletor

It's the Attack of the "killin teh line" clones week. Yesterday was He-man, so to be fair, today I opened a Skeletor. Well, it's not disco Skeletor!

I picked this one up because I actually like the fire effects of it, and although it's still a "clone", I think this was a rather nice one at that. It was released near the end of the red carded waves, together with Whiplash and Two Bad, and around the time of Mega Punch He-Man from yesterday.

Just look at all the transparent orange plastic lining the tray on which the skeletor sits. I think it looks awesome. The red title card is good as well - besides the usual Snake Mountain, the figure of Skeletor firing the ram's head from his Havoc staff looks almost realistic and is true to form.

This Skeletor comes with two flame dagger things, which can be stored on his back, and a havoc staff with a firing ram's head, which I thought was ingenious. I also like the flames rising from Skeletor's shoulder pads, and flowing down his, ahem, groin. I like the details there and I think as an alternate mode of Skeletor, this one is one of my favourites from the Millennium line.

I seriously think this Skeletor can whoop Mega Punch He-Man any time of the day. When placed side by side, the fiery elements and the bright red armour makes Skeletor so much more intimidating, yet pleasing to the eye than MPHM will every be.

Fire Armor Skeletor is obviously an update on the basic Skeletor, but whereas the update to Mega Punch He-Man makes him look like a separate figure, this update here really upgrades Skeletor into a more menacing, and fiery, form. I think as a clone/variant/alternate, this one actually works! I do like this Skeletor. There are more pictures on my facebook album!


  1. I think this is a variant done right. I mean, it's pretty awesome and I definitely get what you're saying about it being an upgrade to the standard Skeletor. I love the bat symbol worked into the flame armor. Little touches like that are why 4H are so good when they're on their best game.

  2. I actually like this Skeletor, but then again, I've a fondness for transparent flames and transparent blue ice, so I'm sorta biased.

  3. It's really a great figure, as you pointed out. The problem is back then when the figures were released I thought Disco Skeletor was far superior to all of the other versions, so I ended up with just him. And now that I have Classics Skeletor from the TRU 2-pack, boy do I wish I had ol' Knucklehead so I could pass Classics Skeletor the staff and sword!

    Great review and awesome last pic, dude!

  4. I need to go check out if I have disco Skeletor. I don't think I've actually got a disco Skeletor. And thanks for the compliments on the last pic. One of these days, I'll have to take a picture of all my skeletors together.

  5. I just love that they ever put out a Disco Skeletor in the first place!! Haha. That was the strangest repaint I've ever seen!

  6. Sadly, I don't have a disco Skeletor. But hey, I'm fine with that. It'd be hillarious if they made a Disco Skeletor in the new Classics line.


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