Tuesday, 13 April 2010

#103 of 365 NECA Mantenna

It's day 2 of Horde Week. This week, I'm focusing on opening the evil Horde Millennium characters, or rather the NECA stactions interpretation of them. It's all part of Anniversary April!

Mantenna, of course, is Series 3 of the Stactions, together with Sorceress and Tung Lashor. There was no Horde character in Series 2 [Actually, Grizzlor was in Series 2 - Ed], after the debut of Hordak in Series 1. He comes on the modified series 3 card, and like Hordak has a volcano in the background of the cardback instead of Fright Zone.

The toy comes with his crossbow, reimagine into a yellow bug, and the usual purple Horde stand. Whereas Hordak's reimagined crossbow was excellent, I'm not sure I like the reimagined crossbow for Mantenna. It just looks too out of place on him. It's also extremely flimsy - I dropped it and the handle broke. So beware!

Mantenna himself is nicely sculpted and updated for the new millennium. His 4 legs no longer are stuck together. There's also a lot more detailing on the vest and ears and the sculpting of the mouth parts are awesome, although my copy was suffering from a poor paintjob there. The glasslike texture of the eyes is amazing.

Well, there's only been one version of Mantenna previously, and that's the vintage version. I must say, the NECA version is so much better than the vintage version looks wise. If only it was articulated. Alas. Oh and the bug crossbow? it looks even more like something I should be giving to my G-Force characters.

And what about comparing him with Hordak from yesterday? Hmm... well, when placed side by side, both Mantenna and Hordak looks anorexic - perhaps that's because Hordak is way too anorexic in the first place. Mantenna's garish colours seems a lot more Lego-y than Hordak's colour scheme, but Mantenna, nevertheless still retains the Horde's red and black.

I'm neutral about Mantenna and I hope to see a better Classics version. More pictures, as usual, are in the Facebook album!


  1. I really hope the MOTUC Matenna takes a lot of cues from this staction. If the MOTUC Mantenna has legs fused together instead of 4 separate legs, that will be unforgivable!!!!!!

  2. I hope so too Kevenn. I would like 4 separate legs, and the pop-out eyes - that's not an action feature. LOL.


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