Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spy Monkey Creations

I first saw some of these at Poe Ghostal and was rather lukewarm about them. Then Poe reviewed the gitd Blade of the Demon King and I was hooked! I went to buy them, but they didn't list shipping options that I wanted. Oh well, it can wait. A few months later, there still wasn't the shipping option, so I wrote to the site to enquire about it and received a pleasant and speedy reply stating that they've added the option to ship to me. Yay!

I ordered the sword, as well as Zodac's Master Blade of the Empyrean and Skeletor's Witching Axe of Ruination. I have to say I wasn't expecting such a huge box for 3 accessories and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. The box is well padded and protected and the weapons came mint fresh. What I did like about the box is the Spy Monkey Creations logo on the top left of the box. I thought that added class to an outfit that may be run out of someone's garage. I mean, not even Mattel puts their logo on their MotUCs figures, and Mattel definately does have the funds and resources to do so.

According to Poe, the Witching Blade of Ruination seems to be based on the first episode of He-Man, “The Diamond Ray of Disappearance,” where Skeletor used an axe instead of his iconic Havoc Staff. However, unlike the axe in that episode, which seems to be based on He-Man's axe, this axe looks relatively different with the crystal ball on top and a skeletal face between the blades.

The Master Blade of Empyrean seems to be designed for cosmic enforcers, with Zodac's symbol on the guard. The blade is molded with embedded glitter in a translucent plastic, which gives it a bit more detail than usual.

The Blade of the Demon King (Ghoul Aura version) is one of the three versions of the sword and seems to be designed for Scare Glow. There are also red (for Hordak) and blue (for Skeletor) versions of the sword. I guess this sword was created after comments (or is that complaints?) from MotU fans that the classics line was lacking in swords.

The axe is designed nicely and seems well in proportion for Skeletor (and most of the MotUCs). The axe can be held in Skeletor's sword hand without any difficulty. The highlights at the edge of the blades looks exactly the same (but in purple instead) as He-Man's axe. The colour matches Skeletor's colouring perfectly.

Scare Glow's sword seems a bit too large for Scare Glow - owing perhaps to an anime infulence. It is molded perfectly and Scare Glow can grip it with no problems. The gitd plastic that the sword is made from seems to be of a lesser quality than Scare Glow's gitd plastic, and as a result, it may glow less than Scare Glow. I also question the choice for the green plastic used for the hilt and guard. There's no green anywhere on Scare Glow and that fluorescent neon green seems a bit out of place on him. I'd prefer if it were purple instead.

[Post-script: The sword actually glows brighter than Scare Glow, thanks to the translucent plastic used. I'm pleasantly surprised and am happy that I'm proven wrong.]

Zodac's sword also seems a bit too large for the figure, but it doesn't look too out of place on anime-ish Zodak. The hilt was almost a tad too large for Zodak's fist, but that's because perhaps my Zodak has a smaller fist than usual. I like the details on the blade, eventhough it's not entirely visible due to the translucent plastic. Nevertheless the glitter in the translucent plastic gives the overall sword a great look which I liked. The translucent plastic also gives the sword a nice energy effect - notice how Zodak's fist is visible through the sword in the picture above. There are two other versions of this sword, but I think the version I have is the best of the three.

The weapons can be purchased at spymonkeycreations.ecrater.com and if you don't see the shipping options that you require, you might want to send an email to enquire. More pictures, of course are on my Facebook album. Note, these are accessories, not toys, so they do not count towards my toy a day limit!


  1. FYI, you have Scareglow holding the sword backwards...

  2. I assume the green on Scareglow's sword hilt is to match the green of the staff that Mattel packed with him (which in turn is an homage to the original, since some came in green and some came gitd). I liked the sword so much I got the shield, axe, and Master Blade of Empyrean in the same gitd & neon green, they all look great!

  3. Wow, I'd like to see your gitd weapons! Do you have a photograph anywhere? If you wanna write a review about them, I'd be happy to host it here!


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