Saturday, 17 April 2010

#107 of 365 Millennium Spitbull

I guess it's about time for a vehicle or a creature, and I can't decide which one I should open, so I picked the Spitbull, because it's both a creature and a vehicle. Apparently.

I have no idea if this even showed up in the cartoon. Maybe it did. Maybe it did not. The box though, is interesting, and has that nice hole where the tail is so that you can pull on the tail. Hmm... what were they thinking? Pulling on the tail! That's just so wrong.

The packaging inside is also very nice. I like the way the legs are hidden at the bottom. The painted background on the tray is a nice touch - they could have just used a plain colour, but they opted to go with this painting.

What I didn't like were the twisty ties that it was tied with. One of the ties that went into the hole where the back leg was could not be removed. I had to push everything into the body of the Spitbull to put on the leg - hopefully it will not jam up the internal workings of the Spitbull.

The toy though is interesting as well. Although it has 4 legs, there are wheels underneath the legs so that it could move by pushing. The Spitbull could also rear up on its hind legs to stand on two legs, another great plus.

The gimmick of this toy is that it comes with two missiles that are actually sticky. I have no idea why they decided to make the business end of the missiles sticky. I think it's a bad design as dust and hairs and all sorts of garbage will stick to the missiles. It will end up to be a, pardon the pun, sticky end for the missiles.

The missile in the mouth is fired by pulling on the tail. Not the best design IMO. Pulling or pushing on the tail will also open the mouth of the Spitbull. That's an okayish action feature I guess.

The good thing about this vehicle is that it is large enough to accomodate a Classics figure. I like the implications of that as it means I can use it together with my Classics figures instead of the Millennium figures.

As usual, more pictures in the facebook album.

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