Sunday, 7 November 2010

#311 of 365 Captain Planet Ma-Ti and Kwame

I was supposed to open MotUC Roboto today, but ran out of time, so instead, I busted this open.  Welcome to Nostalgia November here on Toy a Day!  May the power be yours indeed!

So here's a 2-pack, or a Bonus pack, as it's labelled on the packaging with not just one figure, but two.  The two figures happened to be African Kwame, with his earth ring and South American Ma-Ti, with his Heart ring.  The packaging has a nice picture of them alongside the actual toy on the front, all underneath the Captain Planet logo, of course, and it immediately screams 80s toy thanks to the individualised card art on the front.  The back has Ma-Ti's bio, but not Kwame's, as well as the usual suspects.

Kwarme is tall for a toy, and thanks to his shorts and leggings, his legs look way way out of proportion, especially when he stands next to the slightly diminutive Ma-Ti.  Both figures have 5 points of articulation, as is the norm for the figures of that era.  The sculpt are detailed, and the paintwork is amazing.  The finest details in the sculpt is brought out by the intricate paintwork on both figures, particularly on the torsos.  Now I wish I had the other 3 MusketeersPlaneteers.


  1. Never seen these toys in person. They do look pretty neat for their time.

  2. I passed on the Captain Planet craze when I was younger. I still don't regret it.

  3. I remember having Wheeler, but I'm pretty sure it was my brother's toy. I think he had Captain Planet, too. I wasn't a big fan of these.

  4. There must have been a fanbase out there...

  5. I like how I scrolled halfway down without reading the title or seeing the card and when I saw the figure pics I immediately thought "Captain Planet!" These guys sure are recognisable

  6. These guys are boring too. I think they need an action feature of some sort.

  7. Cool stuff. Captain Planet toys are another treasure. :) The only place I saw them and The Tick action figures for sale was at a hobby shop which has since closed. :(

    I used to have the blonde girl Planeteer, but gave her to my best friend earlier this year because she was the last one he was missing. I think he gave me the villainess with the half-melted face though...or he had doubles or something. I love her. :)

  8. Yes, I know you and your weakness for villianesses! LOL.

  9. Captain Planet toys are indeed a lot of fun!
    I am collecting them myself for many years now.
    Although I am cherry picking the line quite a bit since I'm not a fan of repaints! There are a few Captain Planet figures with different action features that have him in his standard 'uniform' colors.

    There are also variations in the painted logo's and text on the vehicles. The Kenner releases have the Planeteer Earth symbol while the Tiger Toys have the text Planeteers on them. The Kenner ones with the logo's are cooler imo.

    This 2 pack of Kwame and Ma-Ti is pretty common.
    There are also individually carded figures of Kwame and Ma-Ti. Now these 2 are really, really tough to find! I just won a Ma-Ti mosc on eBay and it took me years to find him.

    My guess is Kwame and Ma-Ti where short packed and to solve the problem they where re-released in this 2-pack.

    They also came with more accessories that where omitted from this 2pack:

    Kwame came with a backpack and a working compass and the Earth ring.

    Ma-Ti came with his pet monkey Sushi, a messenger bag with Planeteer logo, a staff and the Heart ring.

  10. Wow, that's a long review Synthalus. Welcome again to my humble blog.


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