Thursday, 18 November 2010

Small World:Tales and Legends and Carcassonne:Bridges, Castles and Bazaars

These aren't toys, but are two expansions to two of my favourite boardgames.

Tales and Legends is a card expansion to the Small World boardgame, my current favourite, and Bridges, Castles & Bazaars is something like the 20th (OK, I lie, it's more like the 9th big expansion and the 17th expansion overall) expansion to the tile-laying Carcassonne game.

Tales comes in a standard deck box, and out of the package, it has that nice new card smell.

The cards are nice and glossy, with awesome illustrations on each of them, thanks to the production qualities standards of Days of Wonder.

The English version of Carcassonne: Brücken, Burgen und Basare is published by Rio Grande Games, and basically uses the German box, but in English.

There are two "sheets" of six tiles and a third sheet of 12 counters.

Then there's also this bag of wooden unpainted bridges.  I can't wait to play a game with this.

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