Wednesday, 3 November 2010

#307 of 365 Voltron Robeast Mutilor

We continue the Voltron theme today, because I like opening stuff from the same line as close together as possible.  Today it's another villian, this time a robotic Robeast.  This was one shot villians used to fight Voltron in the formulaic Japanese series of the 70s and 80s.  It wasn't until the ground breaking Macross that this formula was broken.

This Robeast comes on a card that's similar to Haggar's, but of course, since this is an 80s toy, it has an individualised card with toy appropriate graphic.

I have to wonder if the front image are lifted off directly from the animation cels, it looks sharp and cartoony.  The bio image, by comparison is simple and amateurish.

The figure has the standard 5 points of articulation, so there's nothing special there.  What's special is that the sculpt has quite a bit of details, from the rings on the upper arms to the spikes coming out from the back.  The colours are also true to the original, with plum and crimson and yellow - very garish, but it does make him pop out.

This Robeast comes with a weapon - a club or boomerang or axe of some sort.  I have no idea what's it supposed to be.  Scale-wise, it's the same as Haggar, and although it's in scale with the Voltron lions, it'll be out of scale with the Voltron robot.  Oh well, win some lose some.


  1. i never knew any robeasts were made. cool!

  2. Well, now you know. It's a nice figure too.

  3. Pretty impressive from a toy that is likely to be almost as old as me!

  4. Wow, for a 10 year old, you sure do know your toys! Sorry, I kid :p These were 1985, so yeah. I have no idea how old you are though...


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