Saturday, 6 November 2010

#310 of 365 Police Academy Crash Cycle

It's the third and the final installment of the mini Police Academy half-week, and here's the Crash Cycle that will form part of Nostalgia November.  What's the Crash Cycle?  It's just a police cycle for the good guys, but it's main feature is that it ejects the driver.  I guess it was inspired by the Crash Test Dummies who were also popular at about the same time.

The box has a nice illustration of the toy on the front, with a picture on the flap.  Otherwise, the front is rather boring.  The back has pictures showing the action feature, and insets showing two pictures.  Conspicuous by the absence are the cross-sell images.

Some assembly is required for the Crash Cycle, and the instructions are clear and concise.  The vehicle looks good with nice sculpted details and very good paintwork to show off those details.   The windscreen has been made from clear blue plastic and it works well.  What brings it down are the yellow plastic details that are almost everywhere around the periphery.  The stickers will probably make it more interesting.

Still, the vehicle isn't too bad and it can actually sit two figures.  It rolls along great and stands great too, thanks to the training wheels.  It's definitely a good addition to the line.


  1. That's an awfully well-designed bike!

  2. It's 80s toy engineering. Now I'm just waiting for Darkspecter to tell me he designed it or something ;)


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