Tuesday, 30 November 2010

#333 of 365 Inhumanoids Terra Scout

It's the end of the month.  I thought I'd just finish up by opening the two vehicles that I have, two vehicles without riders.  The first one is the Terra Scout from the Inhumanoids line.  Welcome to Nostalgia November here on Toy a Day!

The box is a bit unusual in that it's orange and purple.  There aren't that many boxes with that colour scheme.  It's almost Halloween with that box.  The logo on the front of the box is at the bottom of the box instead of the top, which is another odd choice of box design.  Instead, the name of the vehicle is printed on the top of the front of the box.  The drawing is beautifully drawn, but gets a bit lost in the background.  The back of the box has an annotated picture showing the action features, but no other pictures of the other vehicle or figures in the line.  This is a rather weird box design indeed.

The vehicle comes in bits and parts and is totally unassembled.  There's a nice instruction sheet to assist with the assembly and it's not too difficult, although the instruction sheet isn't very easy to understand.

Then there is a decal sheet, but that's one thing I'm not going to apply.  The end result is a vehicle that reminds me a lot of the Flintstones mobile.  The only thing that this lacks are holes in the floor for the figures feet to run on the ground.

The sculpt is amazing - there's a lot of detail on the vehicle.  There's no paint anywhere on the vehicle though, so it does look a bit bland.  Then there's the "glow in the light" crystal - it's tiny and it doesn't really glow that great anyways.

Overall, this is a rather boring vehicle.  Yes, it rolls along on the floor fine, but there are no firing missiles (or firing anything), or motorised anything or buttons that when presses does something.  Since I don't have the figures of the line, I regret this purchase.  I guess it's back into the box for this scout.

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