Saturday, 13 November 2010

#317 of 365 Pirates of Dark Water Joat

We're still on Pirates of the Dark Water week here on Toy a Day.  It's Nostalgia November and I'm opening toys that are at least a decade old this month, and today it's the turn of Joat.  This will be the last of the Pirates of Dark Water figures that I have, and eventhough there's still one more day to this week, sadly, that day will not be anything related to PoDW.

Joat comes on the bad guys card, with the green sky, the green logo and Maelstrom in the background.  Hisartwork seems badly cropped, as part of his right arm is cut by the edge of the card.  Joat is, of course, the former owner of the Wraith, and is on Bloth's crew in an attempt to give payback to Ioz by foiling his and Ren's plans and to recover the Wraith, if possible.

The figure has the usual five points of articulation and decent paintwork, although the paintwork on the face could have been better.  The hat, shirt and pants are nicely painted on by comparison and shows off the sculpt on those areas rather well.  Joat comes with two weapons, a tomahawk like axe and a sword.

I don't recall Joat too much from the cartoon, but he looks good next to big bloated Bloth.  It's a pity that I don't have Konk or Mantus to round out the bad guys on display though.  Had I one more character, I could have done a Toy A Day logo with these guys.  Oh well.


  1. Crap. You don't have Konk or Mantus? Those guys were two of my favorites on the cartoon.

  2. The group shot looks pretty dynamic with all the colours. Indeed they'd look good with a modern-classic interpretation like MOTUC as someone here suggested


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