Tuesday, 16 November 2010

#320 of 365 Smurfs Artist Smurf

It's the final day of my Smurf toy opening and today I'm opening Artist Smurf (not  to be confused with the Painter Smurf of the cartoons).  Artist is a painter, what else can he be?

Artist comes on the same card as the other two, and yes, I know my card has faded by a lot.  Compare the card to Papa Smurf's card which is faded but is still vibrant.  The bubble is yellowed, and the figure has faded behind the bubble.  The packaging for Artist though has that picture of Smurfette on the easel displayed alongside the figure, which showcases it while it's still in the bubble.

The Smurfs logo includes two generic Smurfs, who I presume are Hefty and Lazy.  The red glow around the logo makes it stand out against the blue of the packaging.

Artist comes with a two piece easel that has a pretaped sticker of Smurfette on it.  The easel is cast from brown plastic and like Papa Smurf's table or Handy's chicken coups, the sculpt does include wood grain.  The assembly of the easel is simple, and it stands well, but the way that it is hinged together feels a bit awkward.

The figure has the usual five points of articulation and yet again, the shoulders are spoilt by the spring-loaded action feature.  The sculpt places a bib and a bow on the figure and he holds a paintbrush and a can of paint in each of his hands respectively.  There is nothing much to write about the sculpt as it is still as bland as ever, but that makes it blend into the line.  The paint of the figure is done rather well, considering the amount of details that it has to cover - the paint spilling out of the pot, the paint on the paintbrush, the bow on the bib, and all that.  Still despite the fact that he fits nicely with the others, I still wonder if a figure of Artist Smurf, complete with the impossible moustache and the maroon frock would have been better.  Well, I haven't heard any news of a new Smurfs line recently, but with all the revivals of classic 80s toys, perhaps we'd be lucky one of these days...


  1. The Smurfs never really went away :). There are these: http://www.jakkspacific.com/node/1000 and these: http://www.schleichtoystore.com/CollectionItems.cfm?Collection=TheSmurfs&CollectionItems=Smurfs

    Though I am curious what the live action movie will bring, toy - wise.

  2. Well, I wonder how they will look if they were made by, say Hasbro or even Shocker Toys...


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