Thursday, 25 November 2010

#329 of 365 Crystar Zardeth

It's day 2 of the Crystar week here on Toy a Day's Nostalgia November.  Crystar, for those who do not know, is a toyline based on a comic book series by Marvel in the early to mid 80s.  It was produced by Remco, who has since been bought up by Hasbro.

Zardeth comes on the exact same card as Ogeode... except that his name is printed on the card in the bottom left hand corner instead of Ogeode's name.  Other than that, everything is the same, right down to the placement of the figure and the prisma crystal.

The figure, like Ogeode has seven points of articulation, and like Ogeode, is fashioned from flesh coloured plastic.  The paintwork on the head and waist is a bit sloppy, but the latter is covered by the robe.  The robe is actually fashioned from real cloth with a belt made from a rubbery cloth material.  The belt was worn way too high on the carded figure, which is an easy adjustment once the figure is out of the bubble.

He comes with two weapons, a prisma crystal staff and a morningstar-like weapon.  The prisma crystal staff is exactly the same as Ogeode's, but has a red wand instead of green.  The weapon seems to be a cross between a morningstar and a club and is a bit weird.

The figure stands a bit shorter than Ogeode, but otherwise fits in well with the old wizard character.  My one complaint is that his feet can't stand perfectly - the soles of his feet are not flush with the ground, but that could be because this is a 28 year old toy.  The red colour makes him pop-up on display and between that and Ogeode's purple, does call some attention to the figures.  But I'm not really keen to call attention to these figures on my display shelf when there's a whole bunch of more interesting stuff going on there, so it's back to the box for them after this week is through.


  1. So...Crystar was made by Remco. Fascinating. They made a few MOTU-like toyline...which all belong to Hasbro now? Hmmm...

  2. Unless they sold it off before they got bought over by Hasbro...

  3. That's true...or Remco just "licensed" it.

  4. You are right. The rights may still be with Marvel Comics.

  5. Whoever packaged him with that belt so high must have thought this was a female figure in a dress!

  6. Yup, it reminds me of a hanbok.


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