Tuesday, 23 November 2010

#327 of 365 Shadow Strikers Dustdevil

It's the final day of the Shadow Strikers part of Nostalgia November, and today I'm opening the Dustdevil, an Evaders attack chopper.  So how does this compare with the other great stuff from the past two days?  Read on to find out!

The box is huge, and that's probably because the contents is larger than it's supposed to be.  The usual elements are there on the box which I've already mentioned in the past two days.  One thing I haven't mentioned is that the box front has illustrations of all the guns blazing and the engines firing.  Of course the toy can't do that, so there's a disclaimer in rather small text near the bottom of the box.  That's there for the Hurricane and the Stinger as well.

The packaging is great as usual; everything is wrapped in plastic and secured to the cardboard with twisty ties.  The small bits are packed together with the instruction leaflet or Technical manual and the Action Figure Guide from Kenner.

There's a new Action Figure Guide packed with Dustdevil and there are three pages inside showing all the toys from the line.  The pages also show all sorts of awesome stuff from the late 80s and early 90s including the Police Academy stuff, some of the figures I've never even seen before.

The chopper comes with a pink figure.  Yes, a pink male figure, half of whose face is disfigured ala Two Face.  He comes with the usual five points of articulation, and has an action feature - yes, you guessed it, he turns transparent when it gets hot.

Assembly of the chopper was easy, but like the Stinger from yesterday, once assembled, it can't be disassembled, so bye bye to putting it back into the box.  The chopper has the usual transparent plastic shell, including the chopper blades.  The detailing is nice, including some painted blades on the rear rotor.  However, the detailing is hampered by one of the action features - spinning the main rotor also causes the tail rotor to spin thanks to a series of cleverly hidden gears.  There are a whole bunch of moving parts, a lever that drops all the bombs in the fuselage and a working cockpit hatch.

Still, despite all the features this isn't one of the more exciting of the four Shadow Strikers from the past couple of days.  It's a great addition to the line and anyone's collection, and would look great on display.  Now where can I go to get more Shadow Strikers?


  1. Great Toy Line i love it.
    I collect from this Line:
    - Mutator
    - Typoon
    - Sandstorm
    - Stinger
    - Smokescreen
    - Hurricane
    - Deviator
    - Phase I

    I´m interested in your Dustdevil, i will pay a good prize. Mail to:

  2. Hello.
    I've got a Dustdevil copter loose-complete.
    I need a full scan from the package of copter. May you do it?


  3. Not at the moment. I don't have my scanner setup :(


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