Monday, 1 November 2010

Contest announcement and toy haul

The Dread Axe of Darkness contest is now closed.  I'm a bit over my head with a whole slew of other things, so it might take some time before I actually get to pick a winner.  Watch this space.

And I think I need an Odds and Ends bit like Poe...

Just wanted to show off what I got last week for Halloween...

Yes, that's Strawberry Shortcake.  I'm gonna enjoy slotting it into a toy review when it's least expected!  Then there's the Japanese version of the TFA twins and a Chinese building toy/Lego clone.  Oh, I managed to take this photo while getting the TFA stuff... anyone know what these are?

I didn't get these.  The picture is a bit blurry because it's behind glass.  But it does have a nice card with TFA's Bumblebee at the back, so I was wondering if they were TFA related...


  1. Whatever they are, one can seldom go wrong with Takary Tomy product, they make good stuff!

  2. It's usually very much the same as the Hasbro stuff.

  3. Cool stuff. I've got a whole lot going on right now too right now. Nothing that's good or fun, but a lot nonetheless. lol

  4. I've got way too much going on. Next week's toys will probably not be done on time...

  5. Hey Novelty. Did you ever pick a winner yet?

    Also, I may have a guest-review for you! I'm not sure how you select your guest reviews though. Just let me know what to do. The pictures are all already taken. ;)

  6. Sorry, I haven't picked a winner yet. I'm still playing catch-up with the reviews and other stuff.

    And yay, guest review. What I normally do is add a guest reviewer as an author here, then they type in everything and save a draft, and when I've read through it, I'll publish it, and it goes under their name. I'll send you an invit to be an author!


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