Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Crystar Week, Nostalgia November

Nostalgia November has brought out some of the best stuff so far - Bucky O'Hare, Police Academy, Air Raiders, Shadow Strikers, Pirates of Darkwater.  The last themed week for this month will be dedicated to these guys:

Yes Crystar, where Crystal Warriors battle them out!  I only have 5 of these guys, so it's not going to be a full week, but 5 toys is more or less a week's worth of toys so I guess I'll make the last week of November Crystar week.


  1. Cool! I've just recently learned of these toys. They have some similarities to MOTU...which I love. :)

  2. Hmm? Similiarities to MotU? Please pray tell!

  3. Well...I have never read Crystar, but visually from the cover of the first issue, these are the similarities I see:

    - This is what the Power Sword would look like if it was carved out of crystal.
    - Logo of "CRYSTAR" looks like "MOTU"
    - both hold their swords aloft and have a shield
    - Big castle in the background
    - Evil dude with an axe (Skeletor)
    - Mystical old guy (Sorceress)
    - Eye patch guy looks like Blade...but he has a crossbow instead of swords
    - Damsel is Teela (naturally)

  4. LOL, OK. I think you can shoehorn anything to fit MotU!


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