Saturday, 27 November 2010

#331 of 365 Crystar Moltar

It's day 4 of the Crystar week, but if you're a regular here, you already knew that.  You'll also know that it's part of the Nostalgia November themed month where I'm opening toys from the 80s and 90s.  Crystar though, is from 1982, so it's the oldest unopened toyline that I'm opening ever here on Toy a Day!

Moltar comes on the standard card, but that's obvious from the picture.  Only his name and description is printed on the bottom left corner of the card.  The card does have a picture of him as a default though.  Moltar is one of the two brothers fighting for the kingdom or something like that.  His adversary is Crystar himself.

Out of the package, there are four pieces, the figure and three accessories.  That seems to be one more accessory than normal.  Besides the usual prisma crystal staff, there's an axe that looks suspiciously like Skeletor's and a club with a handle that reminds me of Mattel's Master of the Universe figures a few years down the line.  Perhaps Mattel copied from Crystar?  The axe and club are moulded from orangey-red plastic and has quite a lot of detail, but it's mostly lost due to the lack of paint.

Moltar is a bit different from the other figures in that he doesn't have a frock nor is moulded from flesh coloured plastic.  Instead, he's moulded from an orange plastic.  He has the usual seven points of articulation - head, shoulders, knees and hips.  There's quite a lot of details all over his body, but like the weapons, the lack of paint means it doesn't show up too well.

At the end of the day, Moltar just looks like a lump of plastic.  He's definitely not display material, but thanks to his size, he's probably great with pitted against the Joes... now where did I leave those Joes?


  1. He kinda looks like the Thing on fire. Or the Human Torch with an STD


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