Thursday, 11 November 2010

#315 of 365 Pirates of Dark Water Ioz

It's day four and I'm marching towards 2011 with one toy a day.  What started off as me showing off pictures on Facebook as I open toys have somehow morped into this monster that you see today, complete with themed weeks within themed months.  Well, the theme this week is Pirates of Dark Water week, and the theme this month is Nostalgia November.  Welcome to Toy a Day, feature Ioz for today!

Ioz comes on the standard card, and like the other cards so far, he has his customised artwork on the front.  The logo obstructs his groin, but that is preferable to obstructing the other parts of his body.

Like all the good guy cards, there's a picture of the Wraith behind and to the right (his left) of Ioz.  The Wraith is Ioz's ship which he won in a bet or something.  The sail can be converted into a glider such that the ship can glide over stuff when the script calls for it.  Ioz is her captain and he fights with large long swords.

Ioz has the standard 5 points of articulation, and decent sculpting.  The paintwork is simple and adequately captures the figure.  Somehow it seems that the vest doesn't accurately capture what the character usually wears - a felt vest like Bloth's might have been better.  The head is sculpted with a huge... bun on top of his head.  It looks weird.  Overall, the face is too skinny and the sideburns/mustache skewer the figure way too much such that he doesn't even seem to be the same character as shown on the card.

To make up for it though, they threw in three accessories instead of one.  There's the long scimitar, all decked out in silver, a quiver with arrors and a bow with an arrow on the string.  The quiver can be worn around Ioz, but he can only hold either the sword or the bow at any one time, unless one hangs the bow from hsi open left palm.  There's nothing to store either accessory on the figure - and they could have easily added a hole on the quiver for the bow.

Still, Ioz is a solid figure - he's taller than Ren, so at least they got his height correct.   The grey colour though, seems wrong on him - if anythiing, he should be even more tanned than Ren.  However, it does seem that he received less love than the other figures opened so far.


  1. Yeah, I was never that crazy about Ioz on the series either. He was okay, but not my favorite or anything.

    His figure does seem to be the least appealing so far of the four.

  2. Yay! Dark Water stuff. Ioz was actually always my favourite and the ONLY Dark Water figure I have (I may have a Bloth from an eBay lot or a bag of second hand store items...but I'm not sure).

    Anyway, I always loved his figure as a child. I traded an action figure to my best friend for his Venom figure that could squirt the ooze out his mouth. He wanted him back though and traded my Ioz for him...but I think I ended up with both somehow. lol

    Anyway, I loved him. He's cool and exotic looking. I saw the show AFTER getting the figure and could not BELIEVE he was a good guy. I always thought he was the lead villain before seeing the show. lol

  3. He always reminded me of Aladdin for some reason.

  4. I thought he was a boring character myself. Greedy and selfish, but with a heart of gold. Cliche.

  5. @ Novelty

    That's sort of how I felt about Ioz as well. That's probably why I'm not as fond of Gambit (from Marvel comics) as much today as when I was younger.

  6. @Novelty: But everything's cliche now. Saying it's cliche is cliche! lol

  7. Having 3 accessories makes up for that hideous interpretation of hair, I'd say.


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