Saturday, 20 November 2010

#324 of 365 Air Vectors Sky Racer

This is a little late, but it's better late than never.  Friday I opened an Air Vector, and if you're regular here, you should know that most good things I have comes in pairs.  So today I'm opening another Air Vector as part of Nostalgia November, and this is an F1 race car, Sky Racer.

So the card is the same as yesterday's Thunderbolt, with the exception of the little insert on the side.  The red and yellow colour theme of the Sky Racer works against it here as the front of the card is also rendered in those colours, thus the actual vehicle seems "camoflaged" against the card.

Race... Transform... Fly... the front of the card has a nice dynamic illustration of the action feature of the vehicle.  It would have been nice if they could have rendered the vehicle to match the actual vehicle on the card, but instead, that's relegated to the job of a small inset, which is partially hidden behind the glider/jet.

The design of the vehicle is interesting - it looks like a typical race car, and the jet glider is more or less hidden in the overall design.  The colour scheme actually looks good out of the package, and there's a whole lot of painted details on the vehicle, including on the sides and top.  The action feature is the same as that of Thunderbolt from yesterday - a pull back engine which when engaged, lofts the jet glider into the air a few minutes after the forward roll, thanks to a hidden spring-loaded launcher.

The jet comes mainly comprises of the cockpit/drivers seat, the top of the sides and the spoiler.  Most of this jet sits on top of the vehicle and just shoots off when the action feature is engaged.

This is a rather interesting vehicle, and even more so than Thunderbolt from yesterday.  Yes! put in a lot of detailing into the vehicle, from the engine on the back to the smooth rubber wheels.  It makes me wonder if they had bigger vehicles or maybe even a playset in the line, as these vehicles have been great.


  1. Concur on these being absolutely great looking vehicles. Nice lego playmats too!

  2. LOL, those aren't playmats, those are the roadplates from the 90s.


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