Thursday, 18 November 2010

#322 of 365 Bucky O'Hare Commander Dogstar

It's another day of Nostalgia as I open this Bucky O'Hare figure here.  It's Nostalgia November here on Toy a Day and I'm opening figures that are at least 10 years old.  Yesterday, I opened Willy du Witt and today I'm opening my other Bucky O'Hare toy, Commander Dogstar.  Now, I have to confess, I have probably only watched Bucky one or twice in my life and I'm not a huge fan of the series or the comics, but Willy from yesterday was a great figure, so I'm hoping Dogstar will be as good if not better today.

The figure comes on a similar awesome card as Willy.  The back of the card is more or less the same, right down to the comic (which is exactly the same).  The only difference on the back of the card is that the bio is for Dogstar and not for Willy.  Obviously.

The front of the card shares a lot of similarities including the messiness of the artwork and the yellow box behind the figure.  However, the artwork is unique to each figure and Dogstar's artwork seems less messy than Willy's.  It's still done in the same style though, which gives the packaging a cohesive look when placed side by side.

Dogstar has the usual 5-points of articulation, but he differs from Willy by having a T-crotch instead of the Y.  Because of this and thanks to the way the legs are sculpted (or maybe it's warping inside the bubble?) it's a little bit difficult to stand him up and even then, he has a fixed pose.  But that's common for toys of the era.  The sculpt is adequate, with fine details on the torso.  The paintwork is good, but not exceptionally so.  It does make certain details, like the epilettes (or whatever those yellow things are called) stand out, but they still look like plastic.

Dogstar only comes with two guns and he can hold them in both his hands.  However, the guns are sculpted such that they can be merged together to form a dual-barrelled gun and that gives it a lot of flexibility.  There's a lot of details on the guns and these stand out just fine despite (or because of) the lack of paint.

Dogstar is slightly shorter than Willy, but thanks to the way he's sculpted, he fits right in with his teammate.  The pair of them look awesome together, and much better than the toys of their main rivals of the time (Playmates TMNT).  Sadly, they were never a runaway hit.

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