Monday, 29 November 2010

Matty Cyber Monday!

In an attempt to sell all the leftover stock of toys just before Christmas (or the other holidays, whichever one is celebrated), Mattel in their infinite wisdom decided to have a "Cyber Monday", which happens to be today.  There's a whole glut of product being sold, but three items stand out as being "rereleases" instead of extra product stock.

He-Man, of course, is a reissue, and this is the second time the figure has been rereleased, and the fifth time he's been released, counting the TRU 2-pack and the Battle Armor variant (but excluding Faker, Wundar, etc. etc.).  He's still the titular leader of the Masters of the Universe, so he'll probably sell like hotcakes, but will last an hour if not a couple of hours.  I'm not getting him.

Skeletor needs no introduction.  Like He-Man, this is the second time thta the figure has been rereleased, and also the fifth time he's being released, counting the Skeletor / Luthor 2-pack and the Skeletor / Mo-Larr 2-pack.  If Keldor is included, then this is the sixth released for ol' Bonehead.  He'll be less popular than He-Man though, so he'll last for at least a couple of hours.

Battlecat makes his second outing on matty, and this would be the one to watch.  Mattel underestimated demand the first time around for the figure and he sold out in minutes.  Literally.  There's still a large number of collectors and fans who do not have a character that's central to the Masters of the Universe mythos in their Classics line.  If Mattel was smart, they would have produced enough numbers so that he'll last for at least 2 hours, but somehow, this is Mattel, so I'd expect the talking cat will sell out in under half an hour.  *sigh* And I wanted one of him.

The all in-one page is at where there's a whole bunch of other Ghostbuster, DCUC and JLU stuff.  Good luck if you're going into the trenches for Battlecat.  If you're going for anything else, best wait an hour to avoid the madness!

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