Saturday, 20 November 2010

#324.1 of 365 Air Vectors Sand Screamer

This isn't a new toy, it's my one and only Air Vector that I have opened a while back.  Hence the weird numbering in the title of the post.  I just wanted to show that the Air Vectors were not all sports cars... there were also other vehicles in the line, including this one.

Nope, no card as this isn't a new toy.  This humvee is about the same size as the other two race cars, but seems a lot more bulky thanks to the angles instead of the curves.

It has the same action feature as the other two, a pull back motor which when activated reveals the jet and launches it while it's still running.  A very cool action feature.

There's a whole lot of detail built into the vehicle, including a non-functioning steering weheel.  The paintwork is amazing and the transformation where the doors of the vehicles becomes the wings of the jet glider is just genious.  I still wish I have the rest of the line to line up on the shelves.  Well, there's a hint of what I want for Christmas!


  1. This line doesn't cease to amaze, does it?

  2. Nope, but there's close to no info about this line online... sadly...


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