Friday, 5 November 2010

#309 of 365 Police Academy Claw

It's the mini-half-week of Police Academy this week here on Nostalgia November, and if yesterday was the big cheese, today we have one of the few criminals in the line - Claw, a cat bugler, complete with cat.  Unlike some other Kenner toys (aka Ghostbuster ghosts), the Police Academy criminals actually appeared in the cartoon, and Claw was one of the few villains who appeared more than once.

Claw comes on the same card as Mahoney, with the title changed and the action feature on the back customised for him.  Otherwise it's the same card, more or less.  The clear bubble shows off the character and all his accessories on the card, and there seems to be a lot of accessories for such a small figure.

Claw has the usual five points of articulation so there's nothing special there.  What's awesome about this character is the amount of sculpted detail everywhere.  There's the belt and the harness and the boots and the gloves and the mask, well, everywere!  The paintwork isn't great, but it does highlight the sculpt and shows off the character rather well.  I haven't reviewed such a great combination of sculpt and colours for a long while now.

Claw comes with a two piece chopper backpack, a fishing rod and a one piece cat.  The rotor on his backpack actually rotates when a wheel is turned.  The reel on the fishing rod doesn't work as the string is not connected to it - had this been released today, it would have worked, but since this was a late 80s toy, it's about par for the time.  The cat is one piece, and the sculpt and paintwork is good, although I have no idea why Kenner made the cat as if it was flattened by a truck.

Despite the flaws in the accessories, this is still a rather good figure.  I wish I am displaying my Police Academy stuff, but I barely have enough of them to warrant a display.  Maybe one day!


  1. That chopper/backpack looks really familiar... I think they reused it on some clown (wink, wink) in a later, insanely popular, toy line.

  2. LOL, Kenner and their accessory reuse!

  3. Would be cool to stick him to one of those remote controlled toy helicopters that are popular these days

  4. Would the chopper even fly with him on it? Somehow I doubt it, those are really flimsy.


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