Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Small World: Necromancer's Island

A few weeks ago (probably about two), I placed an order at Days of Wonder for their limited Small World: Necromancer's Island expansion, whatever that is.  I got that together with Small World:Be Not Afraid today.  This isn't a review, it's just an opening picture.

The packaging is interesting... wait a minute, is that the actual rules booklet?  Yup, that's the booklet.  There's no packaging, just shrinkwrap on the instructions.  The illustration on the front is interesting though and the back does introduce the expansion in three different languages.

The tile sheet is placed inside the booklet after the first page, which contains the rules in English.  Then there are the rules in French and German after that.

The actual tiles pop off the sheet rather easily.  The illustration isn't as inspired as the cover, but fit in well with the rest of the boardgame.  My only complaint is that the Necromancer Island tile is a bit too big to fit into the holes in the original box and it definitely does not fit into the small box that came with Be Not Afraid.  Oh well, I hope that means that in a couple of years, we'd get a box for this!

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