Sunday, 14 November 2010

November 2010 Matty Release Day

Release day is tomorrow.  Do be reminded of the time change thanks to the US going out of Daylight Savings.  It's one hour behind for those of us who didn't change our clocks in the last couple of weeks, and may be up to three hours different for those of us who shifted our clocks forward by an hour (i.e. those in the southern hemisphere).  So be aware.

Grizzlor is the subscription figure for November, or the Club Eternia figure.  He comes with real fur and his millennium loincloth.  The harness on the back is based on his millennium design which can hold all his weapons, and he does come with a whole bunch of weapons ala Man-at-Arms.  He would go fast tomorrow, so get him if you can.  A bunch of people might be getting spares of him to display with and without his millennium loincloth.

Grayskull was supposed to be a reissue, but they changed the figure up some and thus he's not just a repaint, but a new SKU.  Of note are the furry shoulderpads, the transblue sword and orb and the red cape.  He's a bonus figure, but since so many people missed out on him the first time around (he was only available to US customers and at SDCC), he's gonna sell out fast, probably even faster than Grizzlor.  He's probably gonna be the best selling millennium figure of the line.

Then there is this collection of weapons.  Now, normally this would be a slow seller (and by slow, I mean more than an hour).  However, it does include Zoar's stand (repainted from Screech, of course), and repainted Roboto weapons for Trap Jaw, so watch it go out fast as well.  I won't be surprised if it sold out faster than Grizzlor.  Other goodies include boring repaints of Optikk and Evil-Lyn's weapons and a few other things for Faker.

The only other thing on sale tomorrow is a Ghostbuster figure.  Those have been lackluster in sales (and by lackluster, I mean more than a day - matty's definition, not mine).  The MotUC stuff will sell like hotcakes as usual.  I wish all my friends out there (and their spouses and anyone else they have trying to get figures for them) my best wishes - may you get the toys you desire.  I'd like to get some too, but I might not even be on a computer at sale time, so I guess I'm stuffed...


  1. Happy Hunting to anyone out there trying to get them!

  2. It was a crazy day. I discovered an ordering loophole, but apparently I was the only one who got it to work. lol

    I used the loophole only so I didn't miss out on Grayskull. I have the original issue, but this new one is too fab to miss! Yes, I said fab. lol

    Since we're all action figure buddies, here's the loophole I found:

    I went to and used my e-mail and last 5 digits of my credit card that I always use with Matty.

    It took me here:

    (You can add the items off the main page or their item pages, you just can't click on the bundle page as it will take you back to

    After you have your items in their desired quantities, it will not let you check out. You have to type in this address or click this link:

    Enter you credit card and security code and hit "Submit Order"

    I got the Order Confirmation page. The entire time there's a little box on the top right saying this isn't Matty.

    Everything worked for me. For some reason my shipping address only showed up as "AL, US" but I e-mailed Matty and they fixed it.

    This might be an Ace up your sleeve for Cyber Monday or any other bad WSOD Matty Order day. ;)


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