Wednesday, 17 November 2010

#321 of 365 Bucky O'Hare Willy Du Witt

After a few months where this figure got bumped out by MotUCs and a few other things, I've finally managed to slot him into the sequence to open him.  Welcome to Toy a Day, and this month the theme is Nostalgia November, where I open toys that are at least 10 years old.

There's so much going on on the card that I don't really know where to begin, and that's a good thing.  The standard logo is on top, but thanks to the large font and the wacky colours, it stands out on the fron of the card.  Then there is that rather nice illustration of the figure, along with bits of a few other characters, and the comic speech bubble just ties into the origins of the character.  The pose in the bubble is plain vanilla, but thankfully whoever designed the card included a yellow rectangle behind the toy to make it stand out on the packaging.

The back of the card has the bio, the other figures in the line and what appears to be an entire page of comic.  In between all that, then managed to fit in the proof of purchase, another logo, more text with backstory, and a whole bunch of other things.

Out of the package, there are only three pieces on first glance, until one realises that the glasses, made from clear plastic is also removable, and thus is the third piece of accessory.  The figure has the standard  five points of articulation - hips, shoulders and head, which was the norm for the time, but where it stands out is the sculpt - the fur on his leggings is realistically sculpted, so much so that it almost appears to be real fur.  The paint is one of the best I've seen for a toy from its time - the astronaut gear on his chest, wrist and elbows are painted so well that they almost seem to be sculpted separately.

The aforementioned glasses is a nice little piece and is of better quality than the bits and bobs I got from Palisade's Muppets.  There are small pegs that plug into the head near the hair, but it's so well sculpted that the holes are almost invisible.  Then there's the headgear that fits snugly over the characters head - even when the glasses are worn.  Again, this helmet is sculpted with a lot of detail and is painted with the same care that went into the body.  A red gun completes the accessories.  It's unpainted, and is the simplest of the bunch of accessories, but it does fit into either of Willy's hands.

Willy is no slouch in the height department.  He's taller than Papa Smuft and reaches up to Mosquitor's shoulders, which makes him about 4-inches tall.  I have never liked the Bucky-verse, but this figure is just amazing.  I wonder where Yes!, the manufacturers of this toy disappeared off to...


  1. Nice review!

    I had all the Bucky O'Hare action figures growing up, simply because they fit in so well with my Ninja Turtles.

  2. @LJ: Do you mean scale-wise or looks wise?


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