Tuesday, 30 November 2010

#334 of 365 Spiral Zone Rimfire

This is the second of the two driverless vehicles that I have, and it's the final toy of Nostalgia November, where I'm opening toys from the 80s and 90s.  Now Spiral Zone was one of my favourite cartoons growing up, but the toys were a bit unaffordable so I never got them.  Then I saw thsi waterlogged box on ebay going for cheap and I just picked it up.  Basically Spiral Zone is a group of soldiers vs another group of soldiers in a Sci Fi setting on an alternate present day earth.

My box is a bit waterlogged, and one of the flaps have come apart from mishandling.  Still, the white box is interesting.  The front of the box has the logo near the bottom right and the name of the vehicle in the top left with a picture of the blue white and black vehicle on an orange background front and centre.  The back of the box has an annotated picture of the features, as well as insets showing the other vehicles in the line.  Despite the simplicity, I like the box, and the overall way the camoflage pattern ties in with the military theme.

The vehicle is in bits, and assembly isn't too difficult to figure out, although it was a bit hard to push the exhaust pegs into the holes.  Other than that, assembly was a snap... literally.  The vehicle might seem a bit unstable with one wheel, but thanks to the broad base is actually very stable.  The firing mechanism is a breeze to use, and it does fire those huge big orange balls rather far.  Can anyone say Iraqi supercannon?

There's a lot of details on the vehicle, from the sculpted in seat to the details on the back of the vehicle.  It's these little details that make the vehicle look fine, or at least that's what it should say if I was rapping.  Then again, I can't rap, but I digress.  The wheels actually does roll, and each half rolls independently from the other.  That was a pleasant surprise for me.

Now, since I didn't have a figure of the line (they are hard to find), I just pulled off Teela from the shelf and shoehorned her into the hole (there's a joke there somewhere, I think).  She barely fits, but she does look interesing riding in the contraption that's Rimfire.  Overall, I quite like the vehicle.  It's a shame that I don't actually have a Spiral Zone figure to actually sit in the vehicle, but I'm gonna display the vehicle for a while, in the hopes that I'll get a figure for it.


  1. Shame that Nostalgia November is over, this is another neat toy that ticks most of the right boxes

  2. Oh? What do you mean, tick the right boxes?

  3. Good packaging, sculpt, action feature etc

  4. Oh, OK. Yeah, I wish I had more of these but they are hard to find on ebay or elsewhere for that matter. I won't mind if Hasbro or Bandai brings it back, although I'd probably be one of 5 people who'll get it. LOL.


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