Wednesday, 1 December 2010

#335 of 365 Masters of the Universe Classics Grizzlor

The second Horde member makes an outing and I got him a wee bit late, but it's better late than never.  I have to confess that I was ecstatic when I heard that they were going to give Grizzlor his fur - Grizzlor can't be Grizzlor without real fur.  And if you're wondering, there's no theme this month for December here on Toy a Day, because this whole month, it's all about toys!

Grizzlor comes on the standard packaging, but because he's a member of the Evil Horde, he's got the special Horde bat logo sticker on the front.  It doesn't really obscure his privates though, nor does the loincloth that he comes with.  The loincloth is actually packaged upside down to the left (Grizzlor's right).

Grizzlor also comes in the standard white mailer box and there is nothing special there.  I suppose the real reason that they had to make the fur on Grizzlor is because his tagline is that he's the "Ferocious figure with fur!".  That's an interesting tagline considering that the vintage tagline was "Hairy Henchmen of the Evil Horde".

Out of the package, Grizzlor comes with a whole lot of accessories.  The figure is the basic figure complete with Beastman parts and Hordak boots.  Over that the figure wears a fur coat that sewn around the figure.  The head is removable, and it's basically fur glued onto a head of some sort, with the face glued onto the fur in the front.  I think this is a very well constructed furry figure.

All of Grizzlor's weapons fit on his back, very much like how Man-at-Arm's weapons does the same thing.  There's a non-firing green bow, which is more or less based off Hordak's bow but with slight variations.  This plugs into the backpack on Grizzlor's back.  Then there's the axe and two swords, all of which can be carried on the backpack.  The backpack is detachable from the armour.


Grizzlor stands slightly taller than Hordak thanks to his fur.  The only part that he shares from Hordak are the top of his boots.  Oh and the armband, which are placed correctly on my Grizzlor.  There have been reports from the webiverse that the fur sheds.  I found a furball in the packaging when removing him, but I haven't played much with him so far to have visibly experienced the shedding.

This Grizzlor is a lot lanky than the vintage figure, and looks less like a Chia pet and more like, well, I've yet to decide what he does look like yet.  I'm glad that Grizzlor did not take on the hunchback look of the millennium figure, but the best of that figure; i.e. the weapons backpack and the loincloth, have both been incorporated into the classics figure.  The classics version is also less feral and more "cultured" than the hyper anime (not!) millennium figure.

Overall, I like this figure a lot.  I wish I got more of him because I'd like to make an army of naked Grizzlors.  Sadly I didn't.


  1. Just got mine today, and let me tell you, Grizzlor is ADORABLE! So cuddly! :)

  2. lolol. Have fun with it, Taz!

  3. You really think that the 200x Grizzlor looks more feral and vicious than the classic and vintage face? I feel the opposite. I always thought the 200x face looked a little silly and docile.

    Different strokes I guess.

  4. Perhaps you feel that way because of the mask? The fangs on teh millennium figure is a lot more harsher than the other two IMO.

  5. I thought the face itself looked a little too dog-like. It just didn't look scary at all. I have the staction and Grizzlor was the only 200x design that didn't click with me. I don't mind the harness, even though it makes him look like a contestant on American Gladiators.

  6. Wow, we must really be opposites on Grizzlor then. I really liked the millennium version better than the vintage one, and I'm glad that there are elements copied into Classics.


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