Wednesday, 15 December 2010

10 things I'd like to see in MotUC for 2011

Well, since this is the final Matty Release day of the year, let me celebrate by putting down in words what are the ten things I'd like to see in the coming years.  Yes, I know they have announced four of the twelve monthly figures and as a general rule, I'm not going to list down specific characters/figures that I'd want, but rather, the list will contain general features that I hope will be included in the line.  In no particular order...

  • More fantastic PoP female figures in MotUC.  I have to say I'm excited with Bow who will be available in a month's time, but really, PoP is all about the girls.  I hope they do not go the easy route and plop down Frosta or Glimmer or Castaspella who are basically Adora with new clothing and heads - that's probably gonna turn the fence sitters away.  No, Mattel needs to make someone more interesting that's less of the easy route and more fantastic.  Queen Angela with her wings is a big name that comes to mind, but Flutterina, Mermista and Peekablue would also be good choices!

  • The new Snakemen and Galactic Guardian stickers on the bubble.  That's a given according to Scott Toyguru Neitlich.

  • A large run of the Eternian guards.  Come on, these are army builders.  Please make enough of the figures so that they last for more than an hour on matty and that everyone who wants 10 of them can get their 10.

  • Extendar, Extendar, Extendar.  Wait, I said no specific figures.  Well, I definitely hope that they'd spend more tooling money on the figures that aren't cheap/lazy repaints.  Instead, I wish for 100% new figures - Extendar being one of them, but the Rockmen and Ram Man will also fit here.

  • Faceless One being the May figure, as announced by Scott Toyguru Neitlich way back when.  That would only show to the fans and collectors that the masterplan is being followed and is a success so far and that characters and figures in the plan will continued to get made... as planned.

  • A surprise for the new vehicle.  We were shown the Jet Sled and the Battle Ram at SDCC, but that should really be a red herring to shake things up.  I'm hoping for a Wind Raider, or a Land Shark instead.

  • Sneaky action features.  We've had the spinning gears on Roboto and the colour change Orko.  Could we please have a Stinkor that really does smell of patchouli, or a Mantenna with pop-up eyes or a Man-E-Faces with a spinning head?

  • And since I mentioned Stinkor, I'd like to have more millennium parts camoflaged within the actual figure the same way that Grizzlor was done.  From the front he looks vintage, but he does come with the millennium inspired backpack.  They've done this with Webstor and Buzz-Off as well.

  •  More stands - not just the reissue/rerelease of the Grayskull stands, but also versions for the Eternian Palace, Snake Mountain, Fright Zone, Evergreen Forest, Whispering Woods. etc.

  • More stock of the new figures generally so we don't get 10 minute sell-outs every month.  Oh and a fix to the WSOD at mattycollector so that it's less annoying!

  • And that's another MotUC list!  What would you like to see that I've not listed?  Post your comments below.  Oh and Happy Matty release day, everyone!


    1. 1- 10) Start shipping to Serbia. Start shipping to Serbia. Start shipping to Serbia.


    2. You'll have to wait for them to lift the economics sanctions... or you can move to Kosovo :)

    3. The fact is, the sanctions have been removed back in 1997 :P. What's causing the trouble is that some places worldwide still have the country listed as "Serbia & Montenegro", and others even "Yugoslavia"... Because of this mess, I haven't even been able to order from for 3 months this year. But, now it's been sorted out, and we should even get PayPal before the year is over, sooo... we'll see!

    4. Great list, Nov. My hopes aren't as high for MotUC next year, but things like the Palace Guards set intrigue me. And I'm sure they unleash something awesome for SDCC. That kind of stuff always keeps casual collectors like myself coming back for more!

    5. I should clarify: casual MotUC collector.

    6. @Taz: So there is still hope

      @3B: They are throwing in things to please the hardcore and the casual collectors. Hence the instantaneous sell-outs!

    7. I'd like to see lower prices so I can get into MotUC but there's a snowflake's chance in hell of that happening...

    8. You're not into MotUC? And yes, they are pricey there in Singapore and thanks to the insane sellouts, there's no chance of ever getting them cheap.

    9. Was abit too young to appreciate MotU at the time, have vague memories of Princess of Power cartoons and further hazy images of how grotesque some creatures like Mantenna and Mekaneck were, I think I saw them in some short MotU strips in Archie comics...

      But now I really like what MotUC is doing, just don't have the $ to get into it haha

    10. That's a pity. Well, you can visit Sir Dragon Bane and check out his collection. I wonder what his new wife thinks about his love for little half-naked plastic men...

    11. That's a well thought out list Novelty. I agree with everything on the list.

    12. Wow, Thrawn agrees with me! Thanks Thrawn!


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