Thursday, 30 December 2010

Toyhaul with Havoc

OK, so where do I start talking about my toyhaul over the past couple of days?

Let's start with this awesome Gorpo custom:

Yes, that's my custom Gorpo as done by Havoc.  It's a pity that he's separated from his other Orko/Gorpo cousins/alternates, but I like this blue "EU flag" version of Gorpo and I'm glad I got Havoc to make one of this for me!

That's most of the remaining haul from Day 1 - a Dr Who levitating phone box, which of course made it to my top 10 toys of 2010, and two 5-packs of the gitd Scooby figures from the same makers as the Dr. Who figs.  Missing from that picture is the Lego Toys R Us truck though.

I was visiting Eamon's city during Day 2, so I bought a red-haired Fry to commemorate the trip.  I also picked up those Avatar figures for cheap.  And then there were these Gormiti (Italian?) figures which were also going for spare change.

It's been a good haul in the past 2 days!


  1. Yup, Gormiti are Italian. Should I inform you that there are GITD Gormiti toys? :)

  2. You just did! But I think Pixel Dan did mention it on his TNTS review a few months back. I'm definitely not collecting these!!!

  3. Booo! ;)
    They're fun, cheap, and have a "Battle Beasts" feel to them... We have a bunch of them - regular sized, and smaller ones from surprise eggs, plus a sticker album, magazines and what have you... The sad fact is, I'm more into them than the kid is :).

  4. Not yet, They're a part of "Atomic" series that just started here.

  5. Do you have a good site for them?


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