Wednesday, 8 December 2010

#344 of 365 Lego 8802 Dark Fortress Landing

Yesterday was the first box of the two-box Toys R Us exclusive.  Today it's the other half, the bad guy (supposedly) half of the two set exclusive and it's time to open it.

The standard box as usual, and since this box is from a few years ago, it has alternate models on the back, as well as pictures of weapons and the minifigs in the box.  The front of the box shows the set, with fake fiery missiles being hurled at something off the edge of the box, and yes, when this is placed next to yesterday's box, it completes the picture of the knights invading this fortress and the fortress trying to repel the knights.

There's even a TRU sticker on the shrinkwrap.  Only at Toys R Us... and now being reviewed here.

There's more in this set than yesterday's ship.  There are still two minifigs, but this set has a small boat included.  Then there's the huge fortress, or the fascade of the fortress.  It's a three-storey structure, with a jetty and the stairs leading to the main door.  There's only one action feature, a whole bunch of transparent orange rolly bricks on a converyer belt which is held in place by a mechanical stopper; remove the stopper and the bricks roll down to drop onto the area in front of the door.  It's a neat action feature.  The look of the model is great, and the use of BURPs (that's Big Ugly Rock Pieces, for those not well versed in Lego-speak) to bulk up the castle is a plus, at least in my book.  The colour scheme works for this whole structure - Black and brown with red and silver highlights.  Overall a very pleasing set, and a whole lot better than the ship from yesterday.  And if these guys are the one being invaded, does that mean they are the good guys instead?

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