Thursday, 23 December 2010

#357 of 365 MotUC Battle Cat

There's no theme this month, I'm just opening Lego with a break every so often for MotUC, and today is another one of those "break" days as I open Battle Cat.  Now, BC was issued in January, but I didn't get to get him because he sold out while I was putting in my discount code.  I was mightly upset back then, but thankfully there was a rerelease on Cyber Monday.  I did put in my code for a $8 discount so I'm happy.

Battle Cat comes on the same style of MotUC box as the Mo-Larr/Skeletor 2-pack, and since this is a reissue/release, there's an original starburst on the front.  Battle Cat is fully armed in the display with his helmet and armour strapped on to his body.  The back has the usual bio and cross sell figures as well as another photo of Battle Cat.

The tray on which he sits has a rather nice background, and if it were not for the holes, it would have made a rather good backdrop.  Perhaps Mattel should get in contact with AFD to get that made as a proper action figure display?  Like vintage Battle Cat, this BC comes with just his helmet and saddle.

However, unlike vintage Battle Cat, which was just a Big Jim tiger repaint, this Battle Cat is fully articulated, with 3 points of articulation on each leg as well as jaw, head, neck, torso and tail articulations.  The Cringer mode is interesting, and the paintwork on the cat is well done.

Battle Cat mode though has the armour strapped on the cat, and because the armour is made of a rather hard plastic, it does get in the way of the torso articulation.  Nevertheless the armour is very well sculpted and there's even a very light wash to bring out the colours.  The eyes of the helmet is paintd a pearly colour which is a nice little touch.

Battle Cat isn't Battle Cat without He-Man on his back, and I have to say I prefer the original He-Man on his back rather than the Battle Armor version.  There are groves on the saddle so that the figure can sit properly on the cat, but I couldn't figure out how to put He-Man's legs in the saddle straps.

Battle Cat is a great addition to the line, and I'm glad I finally have him.


  1. Mine needs to arrive soooon!!!!! Argh!!!

    Thx for the review!

  2. Hopefully it's sometime this week. The curious thing is that Mattel sent my other package through Europe...

  3. Nice review. I love Battle Cat but I'm more eager for Panthor. I guess I'm just more of a villains guy. I also really want a Cringer. I think I would have been happier with him than BC.

    Like you, I also prefer the regular He-Man to the BA He-Man on Battle Cat.

  4. I'd have preferred a flocked Panthor, but oh well. I'm more looking forward to the vehicles than the beasties.

  5. Oh no. You're one of those flockers. I'm happy with my non-flocked Panthor. I wouldn't mind a flocked version later (which they've said they'd do).

    I already treat my Moss Man delicately enough because of the flock (which I'm glad he has), I'd rather not have to worry about Panthor. Then you know his saddle would probably rub the flocking off too.

  6. They'd probably use water-based glue anyways, which means all you need to do to get rid of the flock is to give Panthor a bath!

  7. It's here, it's big, it's beautiful! :D My BC arrived!
    Now I'm afraid that no New Year's present will top him...

  8. Yay! Now take pictures and post!


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