Friday, 10 December 2010

#334 of 365 Lego 7979 Castle Advent Calendar Part 10

It's the 10th day of the Dec (10th!) month of the tenth year of the millennium!  What's behind the window on today's Advent Calendar?  I'd like to have something Ben 10 (and if anyone out there is a Ben 10 toy expert, please create a Ben 10 toy site!), but Lego hasn't even properly made a Ben 10 theme (just 6 sets, which are doomed to failure), so that's down the drain.

My hopes weren't high going by the picture on the window.  After all, what's so exciting about a castle wall?  Well, I'm wrong.  Behind the door it's a dwarf!  A dwarf!  Yay!  OK, so I'm not politically correct, but it's a dwarf!

Dwarves comes complete with Viking helmets apparently and this one has it in gold.  This dwarf also has a pickaxe and is stereotypical of the lego minifig.  Like all dwarves and vertically challenged minifigs, the dwarf has the non-articulated kids legs which is slightly shorter than the standard-issue articulated minifig leg.  It works well.  Now, maybe I'll get a hobbit tomorrow...

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