Sunday, 19 December 2010

Action Figure Displays - Space #3, Anime #1, Christmas

I finally got my new Action Figure Displays!  The existing ones were getting well used and I thought some fresh ones will shake things up a bit.  Besides, AFD recently announced their new Christmas-themed display which I know I definitely have to get.  So I got them way back when and thanks to their speedy and professional service, I have them now in my hands.

I only got three of these.  I'm not sure my wallet can take the hit of more than three at any one time since these are at $20 a piece - that's almost the price of a MotUC figure, but I would say these displays are definitely worth the money.

Now I read on Poe Ghostal that his version came with a mailer box.  Mine didn't so I have no idea what happened there.  Perhaps it's because three mailer boxes would have taken up too much space which was why there wasn't any mailer box.  Still, it would have been nice if AFD had designed mailer boxes that would fit 2 of these bases together - these would definitely have protected the L-shaped hinges somewhat because, as usual, my package arrived in a rather bad condition, not as bad as the first time, thankfully.

I'll also support Poe's suggestion that these bases could be redesigned with a peg so they could be disassembled for storage.  The pegs will remove the need of the fragile L-brackets currently on these and eliminate my worry each time I get these with a bashed up box.

Anime #1 is what AFD has called this, and I think it's meant for Dragonball figures.  But I thought the background had some interesting applications, and it does somewhat reminds me of the transformation sequence for She-Ra.  This looks like a rather good background that I'm sure I'll use again and again.

Space #3 consists of a portal from a hangar, and I picked this one up because time and time again when I opened a vehicle, I had wished time and again that I had something like this as a background.  Well, I finally got one of these, but realised that all my vehicles were in boxes.  Grrr... I didn't want to dig them out so here's Helspont in his preposed pose.  This background will probably be of limited use because I'll rarely have vehicles, but then again, next year, it could see a lot more use, particularly with the relaunch of Voltron.

The Christmas display is the new limited display of the month, and it's just a nice winter themed display.  I like the cheerful background graphic and the soft blue colours.  I don't have any Christmas themed toys... well, besides Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington from the Revoltech line, but he doesn't really go well with this background.  Thankfully, I have a Lego Christmas display still sitting around and I think it goes rather well on this background.  In fact, I made that my Christmas display this year.

I also have to say that the "terminator" or the joint between all three displays are flawless.  On a close-up, one would be hard pressed to tell where the base ended and the background began.  Unlike Poe, I didn't get free samplese of these, but I definitely recommend these despite the steep price.  And if orders are placed in by the end of the year, I think there's free shipping to all US locations!  As usual, all items here, and over 20 other displays can be purchaed from  Oh and if you go there to purchase these, tell them Novelty from Toy a Day sent you, so that hopefully they'd offer me one of these free that I could give out as a prize next year.

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