Thursday, 23 December 2010

Matty reveals King Hiss, Panthor and Blackest Night

It's almost Christmas and Matty has been teasing the public with pictures of more toys on Facebook...

King Hiss has dropped his vintage name for his millennium name, which is a pity, but I guess there could be copyright issues.  What's interesting about the packaging is that for the first time we see the Snakemen logo.  It's not the vintage Snakemen logo, and it's not the millennium one either.  It looks like a new logo.

For the first time, we see Panthor (non-flocked) with his helmet.  His box is the same size as Battle Cat's.  Panthor gets a bio for the first time.  I have given up commenting on the bios because they are usually such a mess.  I'm not sure about Panthor's helmet though, but it does look like Skeletor's skull staff.

And then there are these Darkest Night pictures.  It's a nice wave, but it's being released almost a year after the comic was published.  Hasn't Mattel heard about striking while the hammer is hot or something?  Oh well.  The figures look nice and for the first time ever I might be tempted to actually pick up figures.  My favourite is this Blue Lantern Flash, but the other figures, including white and black lanterns versions of Hal are interesting as well.


  1. King Hsss is going to be awesome. I've seen some people complain about the lack of information in Panthor's bio. My question would be given the amount of objectionable bios we've gotten (Cloned Teela anyone) why complain about a tame one like Panthor's?

    Sure he got Panthor the same way as Adam, but how many ways could you actually get a giant cat to be your companion on a savage planet like Eternia?

    The Blackest Night Scarecrow looks wicked too. So does the Anti-monitor.

  2. I'm not a huge Bats fan, so my apologies if I don't go for Scarecrow. Now, if they made a Yellow Lantern Scareglow, I'd be estatic. Oooh, that's a good 2-pack idea - Scarecrow and Scareglow.

  3. Meh. Panthor's bio is okay, but I dislike the same origin as Panthor. I think Skeletor should have fought him and earned his loyalty. :)

    I'm also happy that helmet is removeable...because it won't be on my Panthor. lol It's a pity they have it on him on the back of the box. I still think it makes him look like a purple ant...or as one person put it "a Las Vegas Showgirl." lol

    My favourite Blackest Night figure is Wonder Woman! :D

  4. @DS: Why would Panthor's bio be the same as Panthor's be an issue? And as I said on FB, Wonder Woman would have benefitted from a costumed that's similar in concept to the pink vest on Prince Adam.

  5. @ Darkspector

    I can understand not liking Panthor's origin being essentially the same as Cringer's. That's fine. I can't say you're wrong. It doesn't bother me personally because it goes along with the symmetry of motu to me.

    It's like Anakin and Luke Skywalker. They faced the same choices and situations, but each chose differently. So Panthor's origin being the same as Cringer's is just more of that to me.

    I agree about the helmet thing. I don't like it at all. I'm not complaining that they gave it to us, but I won't be using it.

    Also, shouldn't it be just a green repaint of Battle Cat's helmet? It looks like a 200x helmet, and when you put that in the "Classics Machine" it's supposed to come out like Battle Cat's.

    Not only will I not be using the helmet, but I don't think I'll be using the armor on mine either.

    I like the purple ant bit.

  6. That's an interesting thought... do you think they'd give us a maroon Panthor helmet somewhere down the line so that we can make millennium Battle Cat?

  7. Doubtful. I haven't seen any clamoring for a 200x Battle Cat helmet. We've screamed for 200x Keldor swords and a 200x Buzz-Off head and it got us nowhere.

  8. Yet they have given us millennium Whiplash head and Marzo and Zodak...

  9. @ Novelty: Ooops. I meant Battle Cat/Cringer. I guess I just should refrain from posting before I head to bed. lol

    @ Dale: I get what you mean with the symmetry...but...I don't know. They have a lot of that going on as it is without making every single aspect of their lives the same. lol

  10. I like how I have a Thrawn/Darkspecter thing going on!

    I agree with DS. I think it's just lazy writing on the bio writers part to give them similar origins.

  11. Panthor's origin just doesn't bother me. Skeletor raises Panthor from a kitty to be his vicious attack cat is simple and it works to me despite the similarities with Battle Cat. People do that in real life with guard dogs. It's believable to me.

    I also come back to Anakin and Luke Skywalker. They both have a robotic right hand that they got fighting a Sith lord.

    I understand why you guys don't like it though. Thankfully we can ignore the bios if we don't like them. I personally have had to ignore at least half of them. I think I would rather have a bland bio like Panthor's than one that gives us Demo Man and clone Teela.

    It's cool though. Merry Christmas guys.

  12. Merry Christmas Thrawn. Yes, the bios can be ignored! :)


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