Monday, 13 December 2010

#347 of 365 Lego 8780 Knight's Kingdom Citadel of Orlan

I'm opening the Castle Advent Calendar the whole of this month, well, until Christmas eve anyways, but  few remember that the Castle subtheme had a hiatus thanks to Harry Potter.  When Lego decided that Harry Potter Lego was near its end, they decided to relaunch the Castle theme with this subtheme, the Knight's Kingdom.

Orlan's citadel isn't the grandest set of the subtheme, but it's still a big set.  The front of the box has a picture of the set in what would be the norm for Castle sets since.  The box retains elements of the Lego sets of the era, aka the blue stripe and border.

The back of the box is fantastic - it shows an alternate picture of the set, as well as the action features.  The alternate models are shown on a flag which is a good way of showing it.  The box also imitates vintage Lego boxes with a fold-up flap.  The inside of the flap is rendered beautifully complete with pictures and a map.

The contents of the box seems a lot hefty.  Besides the instruction booklet, there are four numbered baggies and five mid-sized plates.  The instruction booklet also has pages and pages of a wordless comic strip, along with the other goodies that Lego was throwing into the instruction booklet of this era.  Each of the four individual baggies also has a picture of the final built-up contents, again, something that was only found in the era.

Baggie number one contains the minifigs and their weapons.  This is an easy build.  There are two knights, a baddie and an old man with a cape and no hairpiece.  Hmm...

Baggie number two contains the drawbridge.  Two BURPs anchor one piece of the bridge, while two chains attached to boulders raises and lowers the drawbridge.

Baggie number three contains the central tower.  The build was easy although it took a while to build.  There's a very nice stained glass effect on part of the tower, and there's even an action feature - levers allow a figure with a stick to be raised to the top of the tower easily.

Baggie number four contains the rear end of the whole thing, but that doesn't mean it's the most boring.  There's a snake head hiding underneath the building, and then there's this chopping windmill construction.  There's also a booby-trapped treasure chest on the first floor and a ramp leading up to it.  This is the most action packed part of the whole set.

Everything attaches together to form the complete set.  It is an interesting set, jam packed with action features.  The set also has a very high play value, and despite the pieces used, it actually looks rather elegant for a Castle set.  It has to though, because this was the sub-theme that relaunched the Castle theme, and Castle has never looked back since then, as it has expanded to include the fantasy subthemes and the new Royal Knights subtheme this year.


  1. Loving all the lego openings. Is the only way to enjoy legos without breaking the bank trying to get em all!

  2. Usually around this time Robinsons will have a Lego showcase either at Raffles City or Centerpoint. That's another way to enjoy them!


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