Friday, 3 December 2010

#339 of 356 Lego 8398 City BBQ Stand

It's December.  I think I deserve a holiday.  So I'm just gonna open this quick and easy Lego set.  It's part of the "Impulse" sized sets and is supposedly very affordable.  It's basically like two Advent boxes in one box.

The box has a picture of the model on the front and a whole bunch of text on the back.  The side has a full scale picture of the minifig.  Lego tried making the picture dynamic by positioning the lego of the chef to make it appear as if he's walking, but that doesn't really work at this scale.

Inside there's just a baggie and an instruction leaflet.  The build was easy, yet interesting.  Ther design of the set has trans orange bricks under the barred plate to represent a grill, a transparent lid on what is probably a fridge, and an umbrella.  What it lacks are wheels to push the whole contraption around, but that would probably have driven up the price of the set.

Overall, this is a nice little set and works great to accentuate any cityscape.  I'm not sure if there's anyone who would like to army build a bunch of chefs, but then again, AFOLers (that's Adult Fan of Lego) aren't your normal bunch of people anyways...

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