Tuesday, 28 December 2010

#362 of 365 Lego 7732 City Air Mail

I'm almost heady with the amount of Lego that I've been opening the past few days.  It almost seems as if Christmas was a few days ago.  Wait, Christmas was a few days ago...

This isn't an Impulse set, but it's still a rather small set.  It's about twice as tall as an Impulse set and maybe just under three times as wide.  The front of the box has a rather nice picture of the prop plane on a runway, while the back has some rather interesting action shows of the operation of the plane.

The box contains two baggies, an instruction booklet and a decal sheet.  The instruction booklet does have a rather messy image of the "Cargo Transport" vehicles in the line for that year.  I have no idea why a jet plane would be sitting in the middle of a busy road...

The pilot guy seems a bit plain, and the plane itself wasn't that difficult to put together.  The instructions were clear and the steps were logical and simple.

The overall look of the plane is interesting.  Red and yellow have always been the postal colours for Lego and these are used to great effect here.  The decals also add to the details of the plane.  The design of the place is such that it includes a space for the parcel to be stored at the back.  It's a pity though that the trolley can't be stored on the plane.  It's still a nice set though, and would be great when parked at an airport.

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