Friday, 24 December 2010

#358 of 365 MotUC King Grayskull (red cape)

It's Christmas Eve.  This is the time when nice boys and girls all over the world get toys... supposedly.  These days I think parents just throw toys at their kids just to keep them busy for the holidays.  But that's a whole different topic altogether.

I have no idea whether to call this the reissue/release Grayskull, or the Grayskull mark 2.  I guess I'll just have to either call it King Grayskull II with latin numerals because that's how it's done regnally (is that a word?).  II comes on the standard card, instead of the original which came with a box, and the standard card doesn't have electronics, so it can be delivered overseas.

There are two nice details on the bubble - the first is the PoG sticker, the other is the painted lightning bolts between his two hands.  Since the line is not being sold at retail, I guess these details are only for the MoC collectors.

This Grayskull comes with his cape, two halves of the sword, a whole sword and a shield like his first version, but there are subtle differences with the accessories.  The half sword are apparently of a new design that fit well together.  The whole sword fades to blue near the tip.  And the cape is made from red plastic instead of brown.  Then there's the transparent blue orb.  It's a nice blue marble, but more than that, there are silvery flakes within the ball which gives it a lot of character.

There really isn't much difference between the first figure and II.  the chest harness has been painted with a brighter shade of silver so that the * on his harness pops out more.  The only other paint difference is actually on the cape.  Gone is the detailed airbrushing of shade onto the fur part of the cape - it's now just white, but because it's white, the details are less obvious and it looks very unappealing.  The thick coat of white paint coating the underlying red plastic takes away some of the finer detail as well, which is a pity.

Nevertheless, the figure is nice and he fits in more with He-Man and She-Ra and the rest of the bright and colourful line.  Thanks to his red cape, he pops out more on the shelf.  Oh and the cape can be transferred to He-man as well for a more King He-man look.  This is a nice figure overall, and is a good nod to collectors who weren't able to get the first version of the character.  I have no regrets getting this figure.


  1. "Oh and the shelf can be transferred to He-man as well for a more King He-man look."

    I guess you meant "the cape"? :)

  2. If the 'shelf' can be transferred to He-Man maybe the rack can be transferred to She-Ra? :p

  3. The white is flocking on his cape! :)

    Also, I don't know if I have a "rare" King Grayskull, but 1 of my 2 Kimg Grayskull's has the old half-sword design. That bums me out. lol

    I haven't opened any of the yet though.

  4. LOL @ hock. No, but I can transfer the rack to you... maybe...

    @DS: Open any of the yet? Huh?

  5. Ooops. I meant "them" as in "King Grayskulls." lol

  6. Oh, I thought you meant yeti as in Grizzlor!


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