Wednesday, 29 December 2010

#363 of 365 Lego 5619 Mars Mission Crystal Hawk

It's the final three day of the year, and I thought I'd do a Mars Mission run.  Today is the Inpulse set the Crystal Hawk.  This is if I remember correctly, the second wave of Impulse sets.

The box is the usual Impulse set size, with the Mars Mission design.  There's a picture of the set on the front of the box, and pictures of two sets of the line on the back.  The top has a 1:1 image of the minifig.

The standard impulse one baggie and one leaflet is there in the box.  The minifig lacks an air tank for some odd reason, but has a rather nice visor moulded from gold plastic (not vacmetal).

The build was easy, but the overall little jet leaves much to be desired.  Sure there are lasors in front and swivel wings, but it just looks so plain.  Still it's quite large for an Impulse set.  Or perhaps this set was supposed to be in an army builder type of situation where it'll look better?  I have no idea...

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