Monday, 27 December 2010

#361 of 365 Lego 5620 City Street Cleaner

Another day, another box of Impulse Lego.  This one is apt, because usually this is the day that garbage collectors haul away all the detritus of Christmas morning.

The box is the usual impulse box, and measures less than 3 inch on each side.  The picture on the front and the back is almost the same - the front shows the hairy sweeping machine, the back of the box shows the trash can.

Nope, putting the boxes side by side does not do anything.  The contents of the box is the same as any other Impulse Lego set - an instruction leaflet and a baggie of bricks.  The one difference is that the instruction leaflet is orientated landscape instead of portrait.

The build for the sweep brush machine thing was relative easy, but I missed a brick and had to go back and redo it.  Thanks to it being less than 10 bricks in total, this wasn't a disaster as it could have been.  Another good set for a stocking filler, but otherwise there are better (but more expensive) Lego stuff out there.


  1. the sweep brush machine is fun to fiddle with, and I always like having a minifig with a proper beard, rather than more common stubble, so - I'm happy with this set :)


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