Sunday, 26 December 2010

MotUC Weapons Pak 2 aka Great War Assortment

Some have accused Mattel of printing money with these Weapons Pak.  I actually do like them and I like the way Mattel could make repaints for other needed accessories in the line.

The packaging is the usual Weapons Pak packaging - the bubbles on the front shows off the contents rather well.  Together with the trays underneath, the weapons are kept in position even during transit.  The back of the box shows the figures for whom the accessories have been designed for, although I still wonder why Keldor and Wun-Dar are in that list.

There's quite a number of extras in the assortment and it contains everything from the usual staffs and swords to a perch and arm attachments.  The golden Merman accessories  are obviously meant for Merman, to transform him from vintage Merman to millennium Merman.  Sadly I don't think that works that well since there's a bit more "extras" on millennium Merman's armour.  Millennium Merman is also green and gold without any yellow.  Had Mattel really decided on giving us a Millennium Merman, they could have made him that way and painted his gloves and ankle guards golden instead of just providing us with this Weapons Pak with just the weapons and the armour painted gold.

There's also a differently painted Whiplash weapon.  Now, Whiplash isn't on the card back which makes me wonder who the weapon was originally intended for.  Zodac maybe?  Or Wun-Dar?  Maybe Optikk?

And since we're on Optikk, he does come with black and purple versions of his weapons.  Now, these I like better than his silver grey version, and my display copy of Optikk has been replaced with these weapons.  Perhaps, if I get a reissue/rerelease Optikk in future, I might display the silver-grey weapons with the orange eye.

Trap Jaw received Roboto's three weapons painted to match his colour scheme.  Which is to say black with blue highlights.  And after months, if not years of asking, Faker received his matching axe and shield.

Evil Lyn also gets purple version of her weapons, but again, that's an odd choice considering that it looks so weird with the yellow and blue version of the character.  I hope these weaspons doesn't stop millennium Lyn from being made because she's still one oft asked after repaint.

The Heroic warriors were shortchanged in the pack.  She-Ra gets her two toned grey sword, which means we now have three different versions of the sword.  King Randor gets his Whiplash spear in gold, and I think that matches him very very well.  It's a pity that he can't store it on his back, because his sceptre and sword are both also awesome.  Then Zoar got her box-back green perch and armour.  This is probably the first time the perch and armour has been done in these colours.  I still pine for a Filmation coloured Zoar with the traditional magenta perch and armour though and I hope those are still in the plans to be made down the line.

Overall, a very good motley of weapons, and I have to say that I liked this Pak more than I did the first one.


  1. I can't figure out why the heck they gave us that ugly Whiplash weapon. That has to be the worst weapon design in the entire line so far.

  2. Which ugly Whiplash weapon? The spear or the whatever?

  3. Nice review! Great to see that it came. As for my stuff, it hasn't! Hopefully this week...

  4. Ouch, it's still not here yet? That's not good. Perhaps it's just the Christmas mail getting it delayed...

  5. The "Whatever" weapon.

    Even though I don't understand why they gave us purple Evil Lyn weapons, I like the purple staff. I use my current motuc Evil Lyn with the wand. I imagine that maybe one day when she's more powerful or something she upgrades to the full staff in order to reflect that.

  6. LOL, "whatever" weapon. It's meant for one of the figures on the back of the card, but I can't figure out which. By the process of elimination, it's not She-Ra, it's not He-Man, it's not Faker, it's not Trap Jaw, so that leaves us with 8 other figures that it might be for...


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