Friday, 17 December 2010

#351 of 365 Lego 8823 Mistlands Tower

I'm enjoying my run on the Castle Advent calendar so much that I've decided to break out a few old Castle (and Castle related) Lego sets.  This one is a huge one, and I think one of three that integrates together into a bigger model, but I'm jumping ahead of myself.  Now, my camera was being funny when I opened this, so my apologies for the blue images.

The front of the box looks fantastic, and there's even a rendered fireball being hurled at the attackers.  The back of the box shows in action figure style what's in the box, and what the action features are in insets.  There is a picture of all the weapons in the box as well as the other sets that integrate together with this one.

There are just way too many baggies in the box, as well as a BURP piece.  The instruction booklet, included, among other things, a wordless comic story.

Baggies numbered 1 were for the figures and the catapult thing.  It throws a spinning spiky wheel, so perhaps it should be called a ballista instead?  I have no idea, my medieval weapons of war knowledge is lacking.

Baggies marked number 2 build the base of the tower.  It has a nice catapult on one side which fires red transparent round bricks.

Baggies marked 3 builds the upper levels of the tower.  There's a ton of action features in this portion of the tower including a skeleton on a wheel that can be raised or lowered, a huge mace thing that swings down at the pull/push of a lever, a spider on a web and a bug-eyed blue vacmetal torch thing on top.

Baggies marked 4 builds the front gate of the compound.  It's pretty plain, but it does have nice interlockign silver "spikes", or shark's teeth on the doors.

I find the odd geometric bug-eyed half-dome thing on the roof rather out of place.  It's vacmetal and looks way too sci-fi to be on a Castle set.  I do like how they used the Bionicle heads as the spikes on either side of the dome though.

I also have no idea what fun it is to dip the skeleton into a part of the castle.  It would have been more fun if it was made a lift of some sort instead.  The main gates on the front lack some way to hold them closed together - they swing open way too easily.

And that's a picture of the mace thing that swings down and knocks figures off from the first floor of the tower when a lever is pulled/pushed.  It's a pity that they didn't design it so that it swings into the direction of the skeleton pit, but oh well.

Despite all the oddities, I like this set overall.  I wish I had the space to display them, but I can't since I have to prepare for my 30th Lego-anniversary next year with the Town/City and Trains sets!

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