Sunday, 5 December 2010

#341 of 365 Lego 852272 Castle Skeletons Battle Pack

So yesterday for the Advent Calendar, I got a Skeleton.  Wait, this is Christmas, not Halloween.  I think either I'm being punished, or Lego is trying to cash in on the Nightmare before Christmas.  So I thought I'd open my Skeleton battle pack to celebrate... gettting a skeleton, of course.

If the package looks familiar, that's because it's similar to the Knights Battle Pack that I opened a few days ago.  The back is exactly the same, but Lego did some work on the front to differentiate it from the Knights Battle Pack.

There are five skeletons in the set and a spider.  Actually, two of those skeletons have normal torsos and legs and skulls for heads.  It's interesting that there's even a Darth Skeleton complete with cape.

These skeletons definitely fit in with the Skeleton from yesterday!  These are Lego after all!

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