Saturday, 11 December 2010

#346 of 365 Lego 7748 Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

Apparently today is "Support Star Wars and Geek Pride", according to my facebook friend Ben Haerter.  So here's a Lego Star Wars set.  It's from Clone Wars (I think) and it has Droids, which are some of my favourite Star Wars erm... droids.

The white Star Wars box is the Clone Wars box.  Lego has really gone all out to confuse non-Star Wars collectors like myself by changing the box every now and again.  There's a picture of the contents on the front, which is jazzed up with lasers and explosions - the norm really.  Then there's the action figure back with action features in insets, and cross sell pictures on the left.

The set contains three baggies, an instruction book and two disks that are printed with the details.  One of those bags contains the threads for the vehicle, which means there is really only two bags of bricks to build the vehicle.

The figures are the standard issue, but they are great for army building, if one's going that route.  The build is interesting, not too difficult, but not that easy either.  Getting the threads onto the gears was a tad difficult, but it's something I'm used to.

The vehicle looks nice, but it lacks a proper wheel.  Because of this, the threads don't work too well when it is rolled forwards.  There's the usual friction powered firing missiles, but those are way too bland to even deserve more mention.  The vehicle does look nice though, thanks to the printed disks, but those disks makes it look more like a prefab toy than a real construction toy.  There is also a lever thing to allow for minifigs to be launched into the air, and that may be a fun feature for the first time or so, but I think I'm beyond the age where throwing things into the air is considered fun...

Well, this set isn't a favourite of mine, and it's not even the first of those Droid vehicles, but I have to say it's the best one yet.  And that's my support for Star Wars and Geek Pride.

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