Saturday, 4 December 2010

#1 by Darkspecter - An "Unpleasant Dream" Before Christmas

Hello Darlings, it's me, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. Everyone's favourite double feature!

I'm now available so everyone can get their hands on me, coming in at an impressing 8 inches from the base...I come with a stand, guys.


Here I am MOC, just ready to bust out! The packaging is clear and allows you to see me very well showcasing my best assets. I have a beautiful blue to purple background with nice spiderwebs which is quite appropriate to who I am: the Queen of Halloween.

5/5 : great Halloween/spooky colours and theme, awesome to display for MOC collectors


We all know the best things come in pairs, so there are two versions of me. The only difference is my face. The regular version is little 'ole me looking drop dead gorgeous, and the variant is giving my trademark, playful wink.


Opening me up is pretty easy...I mean taking me out of the packaging. I am tied down a bit, but aren't we all? My twist-tie restaints are very easy to remove and won't ruin my job.

Turnaround Shots

...because I know you want to see my from all angles!


I've always been known for my figure...and what I figure I've got...I mean, AM! All my rings, bracelets and knife have intricate details on them and they are all true to my real life self. My dress has all the right seams, folds and creases in it too. I especially like how they created my sleeve openings and the bottom of my dress to look tattered. My face is also very life-accurate on both versions of my toy. The winking version has all the contours in the face I actually
have when I wink!

5/5 : perfect likeness of Elvira from Beehive hairdo to stiletto heel.


No paint smudges on this hot mama! All the colours are accurate too. From my blood red lips, ice blue eyes and shockingly purple eye shadow. I think I'm wearing pantyhose too. My leg looks a little darker than my face and chest. Black on black is usually a fashion faux pas, but I've been able to pull it off for 30 years and the different shades of black AMOK TIME gave me really helps! My high heel, finger nails and bracelets are a deep "wet" looking black with my dress
being a matte "charcoal" of a black that looks great in natural light. My hair is also a slightly different colour black from my dress, so it helps break the same colour up quite nicely.

4/5 : Her lips should be a bit darker and I would have liked her facepaint to be a bit more like the prototypes. They were more detailed. It would also be great to see her leg a bit darker to know for certain she's wearing her pantyhose.


No more laying on the couch for me! I may not be able to recline, but I do still have more articulation than any of my old figures. I have 8 points of articulation: swivel neck, shoulders, bi-cept arm cuts, wrists (really mid-arm) and waist. It would have been nice to have a ball jointed neck and shoulders so I can look up and move my arms more...and maybe some elbow articulation. It's still a lot of articulation for me. A lot more than I would have got if I was made by McFarlane. Also, my hair and the bottom of my dress are made from a very some plastic that is very rubber like. It's truly awesome and lets you my hair in different ways! You can have my hair regular, push it behind my shoulders for some extra exposue, or pull it to the front and cover my chest up like Coors and Disney required of me.

3/5 : Great use of the articulation they did give her, and more than one would expect when first looking at her. I would like more arm and neck articulation though. They couldn't really do anything for her leg(s) though (this figure only has one leg).
Accessories's no secret that mama needs some money, which is why I'm back hosting Movie Macabre again. It also my be why I only come with a stand. My previous two action figures had a hat and broom and the other had a chainsaw and python. It would have been nice for me to come with a small pumpkin, jack-o-lantern or two to hold. They would fit perfectly in my hands...

The stand is very nice though. Sculpted to look like a dungeon (or Castle Grayskull) and it even has a cool skull attached to it! I don't need the base to stand up, but it is a nice addition.

2/5 : She needs something more than a stand. A few pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and a trick-or-treat bag would have been awesome. She could hold all those things.


I'm plenty of fun! You can do so many things with me. I'm not nearly as flexible as my real self, but there are many great poses you can get me in to and you can keep me on display all year round or bring me out to reign supreme over your toy collection for Halloween. Also two of me means double the pleasure and all that.

4/5: Great character, lots of poses.


I'm a priceless legend. If you did have to put a price on me though, it would be $17.99 from AMOK TIME (plus shipping). They're sold out of my winking variant though. For my size, articulation, stand and quality paint jobs and plastic...I do feel I'm worth it.

3/5 : A decent price for a collectible. I would have given a 5/5 if she had more accessories.


What toy collection is complete without THE buxom, leggy goul? The winking variant brings the perfect mix of sexiness, playfulness and cornball attitude I'm all about. Some might find the regular version more enticing. Both are sexy as hell though...come on, it's me afterall! For a limited collector figure, I am a good size and value.

Until next time...unpleasant dreams!


Packaging: 5/5
Sculpt: 5/5
Paint: 4/5
Articulation: 3/5
Accessories: 2/5
Fun: 4/5
Value: 3/5

Overall: 3.7/5

She can be found at:

For the winking version: (Canadian store, sells worldwide, I bought a bunch of loose figures from them on eBay, everything was great)


  1. All the pictures I posted and more can be found on my flickr account. I hope you enjoyed my guest review. :)

  2. LOL, I like the way you wrote as her... great job. Would you like to have a regular column please? Pretty please?

  3. I think I need one of these. I had a funny feeling in my guy while looking at the pictures...

  4. Urm? Funny feeling in your guy???

  5. Thanks Novelty. I thought it would be something fun and different from how everyone else does toy I just love Elvira so much it was a blast. :)

    I might do some more guest reviews, but I don't think I would be able to do a regular column. That was a LOT of work editing all the pictures and getting them in the right places on the page. lol

    lol @ 3B's feeling. I'm glad ELvira got stirred something inside you. ;)

  6. Heh, now you know what I have to go through on a daily basis and why my layout is just so simple...


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