Wednesday, 22 December 2010

#356 of 356 Lego 5611 City Public Works

Next year will be my 30th anniversary of my Lego collecting habit.  Yes, that's 30 years of getting at least a handful of Lego sets a year.  I have almost a thousand lego sets and that's why they have their own room.  My first set was a Legoland Police van, and I'm already planning for the 30th anniversary countdown!  Hence the reason why I'm on a Lego-opening binge this month!

This is an impulse set, one of the first of the relaunched tiny Lego sets that consists of about 30 pieces.  The square box shows a picture of the set on the front and the back, but really this is just spare parts, and stocking fillers for Christmas!

There's just one baggie of bricks inside and a leaflet that's origami'ed to fit inside the box.

The instructions are easy, and they only take up one side of the roughly A5 sheet.  The back of the sheet shows the other Impulse sets that launched that year, including four City ones.  There's also the huge City poster thing above with the individual sets highlighted.

The build is easy, the set is... barebones.  Still, there's quite a lot of things to do.  There's "dust" to be scooped up and discarded into the bin.  The bin (or trash/garbage can) can fit both on the trolley or inside the orange skip/holding area thing.  It's a nice little impulse set, and it's great to spice up any City-scape!


  1. its neat how some lego sets like this can function on their own even without being integrated with a larger set!

  2. Not all the sets are like this...


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